TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong hits out at Vas J Morgan in new Twitter row

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Danielle Armstrong has challenged Vas J Morgan amid their ongoing feud.

The feisty TOWIE blonde, 27, took to Twitter on Friday night (6 November) to call Vas out on claims he had apologised to her for previous misdemeanours.

TOWIE: Danni talks about animosity with Vas.
Episode airs: Wednesday 4th November


She wrote: "Can I just say Vas didn't ever call me to apologise. I called him in tears thinking he was realising a sex tape or something.

"The only reason why he is going around apologising is because his mate Popey has left him in Essex with no mates so he had to make amends."

She also added: "Anyway pleased I cleared that up sorry for my rant just seen he had tweeted about me the other night. Happy Friday people xx."

Although Vas did not directly reply to Dani, he did tweet the rather pointed message just minutes later: "Life is too short to spread all this negative hate. Let it go. Enjoy your life. Stay positive."

TOWIE: Danni questions Vas at Pete's party.
Episode airs: Wednesday 4th November


The drama follows last week's episode of TOWIE, when Danielle told Vas she still doesn't really trust him despite his attempts to make amends in Essex.

She said that Vas "really hurt and humiliated her" when he released a video of Lockie and co-star Verity Chapman after Danielle split up with him.

Despite Vas' onscreen apology, he took to Twitter after the episode aired and said: "I apologised to Danielle 2 months ago for unintentionally offended her. She accepted then attacked me on Twitter. To which I ignored. I explained this to her in that scene you saw tonight but it was cut because 'it made the scene too long'.

"Please stop judging me on a drama based reality TV show that is edited for your entertainment. My path to positivity has nothing to do with Danielle and I refuse to entertain that negativity. Goodnight."

While Danielle and her ex-beau James Lock seem to be heading towards a reunion - yeh! - Vas recently broke down in tears when he said sorry to Lydia Bright, her mum Debbie and his estranged friend Chloe Sims.

After visiting Chloe in her beauty bar, he told her: "I feel like I've built up this whole hate circle against me in Essex, which I've always done as defence mechanism when I feel like there's an issue with people I fight against them."

He also said he feels like "90% of my fun and energetic side is gone and I've become this 90% b*tchy, angry person".

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