TOWIE: Pete Wicks shocked as Lewis Bloor reveals he kissed Jessica Wright

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Lewis Bloor drops a bombshell in Sunday night's episode of TOWIE as he reveals he kissed Jessica Wright - and Pete Wicks is NOT happy about it.

There appears to have been new developments between Jess and love interest Pete, as early on in the episode she confides in Billie Faiers, Danielle Armstrong and Bobby Norris about their growing intimacy.

TOWIE: Jessica Wright talks to the girls about her growing intimacy with Pete Wicks.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Jess talks about Pete...

However, later on during a night out at the dogs, a shocking secret comes to light when Lewis claims he and Jess shared a smooch a few weeks ago - on the same night Jess and Pete's vineyard date ended on a sour note, when she said she didn't want to be in a relationship.

Pete tells Lewis at the dogs: "Me and Jess are better than we ever have been. I feel like we're more than friends now than we probably ever have been. Since my birthday and since what happened at the vineyard and over the last few weeks, I've taken a back seat. I haven't been really contacting her, everyday she contacts me, she calls me, she messages me."

When asked by Lewis just exactly how much things have progressed, Pete replies: "No, we ain't slept together, but things are progressing that sort of way."

TOWIE: Lewis Bloor drops a bombshell to Pete Wicks about Jessica Wright.
Episode airs: Sunday 8 November 2015.


Lewis drops a bombshell to Pete.

But, Lewis soon puts a spanner in the works: "You had that thing with Jess after the vineyard, Jess and Ferne went to Sheesh after, and then I was in there, I ended up going back to Jess' and we kissed. But it was nothing more than just a silly kiss."

Explaining his reason for keeping it a secret, Lewis adds: "The reason why I've not said anything is at that time after the vineyard, you two had cleared it off, and I wasn't doing anything with Nicole either."

How does Pete react? Well, in disbelief at first. He takes a sip of his drink, and then, with the atmosphere getting tense, he sways his head to one side and you can actually hear the very sound of his neck click.

In shock, Pete tells Lewis: "Yeah but you should have come to me and said that."

Will this jeopardise Jess and Pete's chance of a romance? (Watch a clip of Pete and Lewis' exchange below):

In the last episode, Jess and Pete both admitted in separate conversations that they were confused about what exactly is going on between them.

The pair have been in the middle of a 'will-they-wont-they' storyline this series, and their slow-burning romance has led some of Pete's co-stars telling him to move on.

Pete told the boys during Wednesday's episode: "If Jess just rejected me and told me why, that would be fine and you get over it. But she's saying one thing. She is interested then… it's confusing. So I can't work out what's going on with it. So that's why I'm not worrying about it."

TOWIE's Jess talks about Pete at bonfire, 4 Nov 2015


Jess and Pete looked cosy at the Bonfire Night party at the end of Wednesday's episode (4 November).

Meanwhile, Jess got teary-eyed after giving Pete a birthday present at his Bonfire Night party. She told the girls that she was getting "really emotional", before admitting: "I don't know what's wrong with me. I like him, I'm just confused."

TOWIE airs Sunday 8 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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