'Kendall Jenner's tainted by the Kardashian aura of yuck', says Tim Gunn

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Project Runway guru Tim Gunn didn't hold back when quizzed about the Kardashian Jenner clan in a recent interview.

It's no secret Tim's not such a fan of the family so perhaps it's so surprise he had a few opinions when questioned on HuffPostLive this week.

Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian at Cosmopoltan's 50th birthday party in Hollywood 13th October 2015

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The chat started with Tim's thoughts on Kanye West's new fashion collection: "I think they are a bunch of dumb clothes. Just basic pieces. They won't like this but the whole Kardashian clan don't like me."

He was then asked why the Kardashians got under his skin so much, prompting him to reply: "When it comes to fashion, I say to people all the time 'If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: If a Kardashian is wearing it, don't. I think it's vulgar.

"And I just think, given the amount of public exposure that the Kardashians have, to potentially be sending a message to people that you, too, can dress like this - no!"

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Tim Gunn

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Tim was asked for his thoughts on Kendall Jenner and her status as the "it" model of the moment. What does he think about her?

"I think absolutely nothing to be perfectly honest," he said. "And I'm assuming there's a huge, perhaps million dollar-a-month publicity wagon that is pulling these girls along and creating these lives for them. I'm distrustful of it and I find it all distasteful."

Does he think Kendall has the "it" factor? He replied: "I suppose I shouldn't say that she doesn't [have 'it'] as I don't know her - she may be a perfectly lovely young woman. I just feel that she's tainted by the Kardashian aura of yuck."