TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong on Vas J Morgan: 'He's not a friend'

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TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong has said she wouldn't call co-star Vas J Morgan a friend, though says she won't try to make him feel uncomfortable or left out.

On last night's episode, viewers saw Danni telling Vas that he'd really hurt her earlier this year with the whole Lockie / Verity mystery video storyline.

TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong talks to official website, 4 Nov 2015


Danni talks to TOWIE website.

Vas said he hadn't thought he'd offended her and could only apologise, but Danielle replied that she didn't really trust him, even if he has apologised to Chloe Sims, Lydia Bright and Debbie Douglas for past issues.

Now, speaking to the official TOWIE website, Danielle has said: "I'm not going to make him feel uncomfortable or anything like that because I hate bullying or making people feel like they're on their own or left out. If he's in my company, he's in my company but I won't be making up with him that soon."

TOWIE: Danni questions Vas at Pete's party.
Episode airs: Wednesday 4th November


Vas talking to Danni last night.

Danni went on to say: "With me, I cant be two faced. I cant sit there and be best friends with a guy just because Chloe has forgiven him. I get why he has. They have a better friendship than me and Vas ever had so I understand that, but to be a friend of mine you have to have quite a lot of morals and I think he is lacking a few boxes ticked that, to be a friend of mine, you have to have.

"You never know, maybe I could build some trust with him but at the minute I wouldn't call him a friend, really."

Vas, meanwhile, reacted to the scene with Danielle via Twitter, telling his readers that they'd spoken for longer but the scene was cut down for TV.

He added: "I apologised to Danielle 2 months ago for unintentionally offended her. She accepted then attacked me on Twitter. To which I ignored. I explained this to her in that scene you saw tonight but it was cut because "it made the scene too long"

"Please stop judging me on a drama based reality TV show that is edited for your entertainment. My path to positivity has nothing to do with Danielle and I refuse to entertain that negativity. Goodnight."

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