Geordie Shore: Kyle Christie kisses girl after Holly Hagan split

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Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan learns her co-star beau Kyle Christie has kissed another girl, hours after splitting with her.

Next Tuesday's episode of Geordie Shore is set to be a scorcher. So. Much. Drama.

Not only does Kyle decided to break up with Holly after growing tired of their constant arguing, he is then caught kissing another girl and causes one *major* kick off. Uh-oh...

Marnie Simpson reveals Kyle Christie kissed someone, Geordie Shore Series 11, Episode 4
10 November


Since arriving out in Greece, things have been tense between Kyle and Holly. Having made a go of their relationship, the co-star couple struggle to deal with the pressure on their romance when it comes to filming for Geordie Shore.

With their co-star's getting involved in their issues, Kyle has admitted he is "jealous" of the guys in the house going out on the pull and Holly has fallen out with BFF Charlotte Crosby, after Char claims she has sidelined her for her boyfriend.

On top of that, the pair have constantly argued and finding it all a little too much, MTV has revealed Kyle splits with Holly in next Tuesday's episode of the show.

He tells her he can't keep on breaking her heart and despite believing Holly is the "right girl" for him, he thinks it's the "wrong time" for the pair to be together.

Understandably upset, it seems Holly shuns a night out following the break up, only to be woken up by a "fuming" Marnie Simpson as she drops the bomb that Kyle has kissed somebody else.

Holly Hagan learns Kyle Christie has kissed someone after split, Geordie Shore Series 11, Episode 4
10 November


Holly Hagan learns Kyle Christie has kissed someone after split, Geordie Shore Series 11, Episode 4
10 November


In a new clip shared by MTV, Marnie insists she saw Kyle lock lips with another girl, after inviting her into the area the group had in the nightclub.

She tells Holly: "I need to stay calm, otherwise I'm going to flip. All I've done is argue with him all night because he's a f****** a*sehole... he brought a girl in the area and then necked on with her, in front of us!"

Holly tells the camera: "I'd been gone for five minutes and Kyle is already kissing another girl. What the f*** was our relationship? It was totally pointless."

She confronts her ex-beau and he insists Marnie has got it all wrong, claiming he only kissed the girl on the cheek and brought her into the area for his co-star Aaron Chalmers

Pleading with him not to lie to her, Holly says: "How could you do that to us? I loved you... I did see some kind of future with us at one point, but right now, there will never, ever be a me and you ever again..."

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 10 November at 10pm on MTV.

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