TOWIE's Danielle tells Vas: 'I don't really trust you' (but did we see full scene?)

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TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong has told Vas J Morgan she still doesn't really trust him despite his attempts to make amends in Essex.

Viewers recently saw Vas apologising to Lydia Bright, Chloe Sims and Debbie Douglas for things in the past, but on last night's episode, Danni pointed out if anyone deserved an apology, it was her.

"I might look like I'm quite hard but I was on the verge of a breakdown over the summer. It's bad enough going through a breakup with your boyfriend but you humiliated me by releasing that video. You actually really hurt me."

TOWIE: Danni questions Vas at Pete's party.
Episode airs: Wednesday 4th November


That video was the one Vas had on his phone showing Danielle's ex-boyfriend Lockie and costar Verity Chapman that was a major storyline last series.

Vas told Danielle: "My apology to Lydia and Debbie was more because Debbie is a respectful woman and I genuinely did regret tweeting bad things about Debbie because she's a lovely person and that was from the heart. I didn't realise I had offended you or hurt you.

"If you're still upset about that, all I can do is apologise."

TOWIE: Danni questions Vas at Pete's party.
Episode airs: Wednesday 4th November


Danni replied: "I don't want to be going around rowing with people and I'm not one of those people who will make you feel isolated but I don't really trust you."

But did we get the full story?

Not according to Vas, who took to Twitter overnight to address the scene with Danielle and say other things happened on camera that were cut from the episode.

He said: "I apologised to Danielle 2 months ago for unintentionally offended her. She accepted then attacked me on Twitter. To which I ignored. I explained this to her in that scene you saw tonight but it was cut because "it made the scene too long"

"Please stop judging me on a drama based reality TV show that is edited for your entertainment. My path to positivity has nothing to do with Danielle and I refuse to entertain that negativity. Goodnight."

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