TOWIE's Lewis on Nicole row: 'Only we know what's really gone on'

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TOWIE's Lewis Bloor has insisted he rarely loses his temper, following last night's row with ex-girlfriend Nicoel Bass on the show.

Lewis went to visit Nicole after accusing her of dodging his calls and texts, only for the meeting to descend into a heated argument that ended with him branding Nicole "scum" and "disrespectful."

TOWIE: Lewis and Nicole row on 4 Nov 2015


Lewis talking to Nicole.

Taking to Twitter after the episode, he told fans: "Anyone who knows me knows I am a very calm person. For me to lose my temper takes a lot. I call a square a square and a circle a circle."

During the fight, Lewis accused Nicole of seeing her ex-boyfriend, which she strongly denied. She told him: "I was with him for eight years. I'm entitled to be friends with him and still talk to him. I'm allowed to do that."

Lewis then told her: "You're a f**king bitch. I have never met anyone so disrespectful in my life. Everything I have tried to do for you, Nicole. You're scum."

Tweeting afterwards, Lewis added: "Only @nicolecharbass &I know whats really gone on. Who's tried & who's lied. Im comfortable with how i tried to do right by her #wasntenough."

He also retweeted one follower who wrote to Nicole: "Looks like you were using @lewis_bloor for air time. First Mike then the ex. Did you ever really want him? #famehungry."

Lewis added to that tweet: "#famehungry #gameplayer #manipulative #scum."

Nicole, meanwhile, has also addressed the row on her Twitter, saying: "Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid LIAR!!!!!!!" She also retweeted several supportive comments from fans who had taken her side.

It had seemed like Nicole and Lewis were rekindling their romance in recent episodes before this row.

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