Louis Tomlinson: 'Zayn left 1D because he fell out of love with the music'

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Forget the rumours of massive rows or diva antics because according to Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik left One Direction because he "fell out of love with the music".

Okay, so there have been approximately 10,000 different reasons behind Zayn's shock exit from the band back in March, but now Louis has delivered the "bottom line" and you can't do better than that, right?

One Direction perform last concert in Sheffield before hiatus
31 Oct 2015


Clearing things up once and for all, Louis told Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS 106.5 in Sydney: "We carried on making the record and business as usual. He had his own reasons; the bottom line is he did fall out of love with the music, which is absolutely fine."

Zayn is now pursuing a solo career having signed a deal with RCA Records, but Louis went on to say that the band is doing just fine without Zayn, and even compared the chart-topping superstars to us lot. It's like when anyone leaves a job, apparently, except you get a few more tweets when 1D is involved, we imagine.

"I think it's like anything, it's a difficult time at first in any job when you lose part of your crew but in reality it ended up being a positive for us because we knew the four of us really wanted to make it work and I think we're showing that", he explained.

All sounds pretty amicable to us. Or at least it did...

Just to make things a bit awkward, the music mogul behind One Direction, aka the almighty Simon Cowell, confused guests at the Music Industry Trust Awards when he asked who missed Zayn being part of One Direction, while making his acceptance speech. Er.

Simon's X Factor co-judge Nick Grimshaw was in the audience and told listeners about it yesterday (4 November) during his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

He revealed: "It was a little bit awkward. There was this really moving film where everyone throughout his career talked about everything he's done. And the first thing he asked was the question about Zayn. The room was like, 'Oooh'. It was a bit awkward but he likes doing things like that."

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