MIC's Sam Thompson tells Lucy Watson: "You know I didn't cheat"

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Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson has hit back at his co-star Lucy Watson, telling her she knows he didn't cheat on her younger sister, Tiffany Watson.

Viewers recently watched a heartbroken Sam call time on his relationship with Tiff, after she confessed to cheating on him during a trip to Hong Kong this summer. He told her he couldn't move past the fact she had kissed someone else, calling time on their romance.

However, a sneak peek at next week's episode sees Sam come under fire, as Millie Wilkinson tells Tiff and Lucy he had cheated too. He, however, is adamant he hasn't done it.

During last night's episode of the show, Sam was confronted by Lucy after she had heard rumours he hadn't been as faithful to Tiffany as he claimed.

He had already upset Tiff when pictures surfaced of him getting close to another girl during a night out, but Sam insisted nothing happened between the pair.

Reiterating he had not cheated on Tiffany to her older sister, Sam said: "I have not cheated on your sister. That's all you need to hear. I will not be here when I'm meant to be sorting my own sh*t out because your sister has cheated on me."

He asked Lucy if she believed the rumours and she told Sam, she doesn't think he has cheated. But in light of the new claims Sam "definitely" has strayed away, Lucy referred back to her initial conversation with him following last night's episode and tweeted: "So awkward when someone hardcore lies to your face."

On seeing her post, Sam wasn't backing down. He replied: "You know I didn't cheat."

He also tweeted: "Doesn't matter who you are, when I'm right I'll never back down."

Lucy Watson confronts Sam Thompson over cheating rumours
26 October

© E4

Lucy Watson confronts Sam Thompson over cheating rumours, Made In Chelsea
26 October

© E4

Sam's tweets come after fans of MIC watched him clash with Tiffany over her cheating bombshell.

Meeting with his former flame to talk through their recent romance drama, Sam told Tiffany he thinks there was more to her kiss with another guy than she is making out.

He told her he doesn't think she would just kiss a friend, adding that he thinks there were feelings involved. She insisted it was just a kiss that happened when she was drunk. She and the guy involved were just friends and that's all there is to it.

Still not feeling reassured, Sam told her he is struggling to move past her confession. Pulling the plug on their relationship, he said: "Right now I don't want to be with you, I just don't know whether I can get over it... I don't think I can."

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday 2 November at 9pm on E4.

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