TOWIE's Michael Hassini to take "a step back" from pursing Nicole Bass?

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TOWIE's Michael Hassini has said he may "take a step back" from pursuing co-star Nicole Bass.

In recent weeks viewers have seen Nicole being pursued by both Michael and her ex-boyfriend Lewis Bloor.

TOWIE's Michael Hassini talks about Lewis Bloor and Nicole Bass.
26 October 2015.


In the latest episode on Sunday (25 October), after making peace with Nicole and agreeing to get along as friends for now, Lewis said he wouldn't stand in Nicole and Mike's way if they wanted to take things further.

"At the moment, I think Nicole wants to be single," said Mike in a new TOWIE video. "It's a very difficult thing because I do like her. She's really pretty and she's just a lovely girl, so to be able to pursue something would be really nice but she plays her cards very close to her chest and she's not really letting on too much.

"Maybe I may take a step back. We'll just have to see what her thoughts are. We'll have to have a crunch talk and see where we see this going."

Mike and Nicole, who both joined the show at the start of this series, met in Marbella. The pair got on really well and even shared a kiss in the Spanish city.

"Kissing a girl isn't the be all and end all," continued Mike. "I've kissed Nicole already. It's not a big thing for me, it's not something that I'm gagging for, shall we say."

TOWIE's Kate Wright talks to Chloe Lewis and Nicole Bass about her heart to heart with Dan on 'The Only Way Is Essex'.
19 October 2015.

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Lewis and Mike, who used to be former work colleagues, have never got on, and they had a heated clash a few weeks ago when Lewis took a swipe at Mike's hairline.

They have since cleared the air, but despite their rivalry, Lewis turned up to Mike's secret agent birthday party.

"I'll never be nervous with Lewis, I've known him for such a long time," said Mike. "I say we know each other quite well, whether it's on bad terms or good terms, it makes no odds, so for Lewis to be here doesn't really bother me in the slightest."

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