Geordie Shore: Start of trouble for Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie?

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Geordie Shore star Kyle Christie sparks signs of trouble for himself and girlfriend Holly Hagan, after confessing he is jealous of his co-stars for being able to kiss other girls.

Last week on the MTV reality show, viewers watched Holly and Kyle come to blows as they argued over their co-stars. Holly was concerned about Chloe Etherington and Scotty T's flirty relationship, telling Kyle that she thinks it isn't going to end well.

When Holly confronted Scott about his feelings for Chloe, Kyle told her to stop getting involved sparking a huge row between the pair. Ahead of the series hitting our screens, Holly had hinted trouble is on the way for herself and her onscreen beau and in Tuesday's next episode, Kyle makes a confession we *know* Holly isn't going to want to hear...

Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore, Episode 2, Series 11
23 October


In a new video posted by MTV, Kyle tells the boys he is jealous of them going out and meeting other girls. While Gary Beadle is happily loved up with Lillie Lexie Gregg, Aaron Chalmers and Scott have been out on the pull.

Kyle tells them: "If I'm in a relationship and I want to be in it, I shouldn't be getting jealous of you two pulling... Last night, I pretended to be asleep just so she wouldn't speak to us about the night. How bad is that? I even added in some snores!"

To the camera, he adds: "I do love Holly, but it seems like recently all the fun has been sucked out of the relationship. She just moans all the time and it's really starting to grate on us."

Despite being Kyle's pal, Aaron isn't too pleased to hear what he has to say. Sharing his opinion, he tells the camera: "Holly is still one of us. Whatever is going on between them two, she deserves better than that."

Two guesses the conversation soon gets back to her. We wouldn't want to be Kyle when it does...

His confession screams trouble and Holly has already revealed that she did see Kyle kissing another girl out in Greece.

After filming, the starlet dropped the bombshell, exclusively telling Reveal viewers will watch her get her "heart broken" this series.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Instagram
20 July

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Despite falling out with her co-star beau, Holly has since told us she and Kyle are still together.

While she admits their trip to Greece was the "worst six weeks of her life", she does want things to work out between the pair.

Sharing an update on her and Kyle's relationship, Holly said recently: "We've got a lot of people that have a lot to say about us (other cast members from the show), but we've just tried to keep ourselves to ourselves."

"Basically we are still together," Holly confirmed. "We've been trying to have a break every now and again from each other, just so when we do have to go and film together we don't have all this happen again... It's really stressful."

And while the couple try to move past their recent Geordie Shore drama, Holly, not surprisingly, admitted she won't be tuning in to the show's current series as it plays out.

She insisted: "I'll be avoiding it like the plague!"

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 27 October at 10pm on MTV.

(Warning: Contains strong language and sexual references)

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