TOWIE's Vas J Morgan attempts to clear the air with Chloe Lewis

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Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis appeared to be making strides in repairing their relationship in last night's episode of TOWIE.

The on-off couple look like they're getting back on track after Chloe admitted to the girls last week that she still loved up.

TOWIE: Chloe speaks to Jake over FaceTime - 21 October 2015.


At the start of Wednesday's episode (21 October), while speaking to Jake over FaceTime, Chloe told him: "It'll be nice to go out without putting a status on everything, just as friends to see how we get on. Okay, well we're not going to be 'friends friends' are we? But you know what I mean."

During their video call, Jake said he had received a message from his close friend Vas J Morgan, to which Chloe seemed uninterested.

Chloe and Vas have never really seen eye-to-eye, and their dislike for one another has fuelled plenty of Twitter spats too.

TOWIE: Chloe and Jake go for a walk in the park - 21 October 2015.


Jake said to Chloe about Vas: "I wish you would get on because he doesn't not like you."

But Chloe wasn't so sure, saying: "He only likes me when I'm your girlfriend. I don't care anyway, he's irrelevant to my life."

Later, Chloe and Jake met up for a walk in the park. Chloe admitted that she missed him, adding: "We've just got to stop listening to what everyone is saying, just get on with our things and see what happens."

TOWIE: Vas and Lauren bump into Chloe and Jake in the park - 21 October 2015.


Jake replied: "I'd like to prove them all wrong if I'm honest."

I don't want it to be awkward for Jake, so I think we should get whatever issues we have out in the open. I don't have an issue with you genuinely. I made a comment that you didn't existent or something, that had nothing to do with Jake, that had something to do with me.

Chloe replied: "At the end of the day, not everyone gets on with everyone."

Vas said he would Chloe to join him and Jake on a night out.

"I would actually love him to bring you out on day," said Vas. Jake said it was a good idea, and Chloe agreed.

TOWIE airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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