TOWIE's Pete Wicks on Jessica Wright: "There is a lot of chemistry there"

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TOWIE's Pete Wicks has said Jessica Wright has given him "a lot of mixed signals", but admitted he does enjoy spending time with her.

In last night's episode (21 October), Jess apologised to Pete and asked him out on a date, following their trip to the vineyard last week.

TOWIE's Pete Wicks talks about clearing the air with co-star Jessica Wright.
21 October 2015.


Pete said he really fancied and respected Jess, and she responded by saying they have chemistry but that she didn't want to get into a relationship as she's not ready to completely commit.

They've since cleared the air, especially after Pete admitted he was "f**ked off" with her comments.

Now speaking in a new video on the TOWIE website, Pete said: "What's made me uncomfortable is the fact that me and her had a conversation that neither of us wanted a relationship so I felt what she said at the vineyard was completely unnecessary. She has thrown a lot of mixed signals about so really I wanted clarification over where her head's at.

"I was under the impression that she thought I was more into her than she was into me because I do treat her nicely, but I treat any bird like that. I didn't want her to mistake my kindness for weakness."

TOWIE's Jessica Wright and Pete Wicks - Snapchat.
October 2015.

© Snapchat / Jessica Wright

Pete continued: "We agreed that Jess is going to take me out for a date, which I don't think she's ever done, so this should be interesting. We'll see what happens. I'm not looking too much into the whole thing. I enjoy spending time with her, I do like the girl, it is more than friends between me and her because there is a lot of chemistry there.

"I don't treat her the same as what I would do a girl who is a friend," he added. "It's pretty casual but I'm not going to put a stop to something that hasn't really happened yet."

Ooh! Now who's looking forward to seeing the date?!

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