TOWIE's Jessica Wright: "I didn't know I humiliated Pete"

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TOWIE's Jessica Wright said she had no idea she "humiliated" Pete Wicks during their date at the vineyard.

In last night's episode (21 October) Jess apologised to Pete and ended up asking him out on a date, while admitting she has been giving him "mixed signals".

TOWIE's Jessica Wright talks about finally clearing the air with co-star Pete Wicks.
21 October 2015.


Things appeared to hit a sour note at the vineyard in Sunday's episode when Pete said he really fancied and respected Jess, and she responded by saying they have chemistry but that she didn't want to get into a relationship as she's not ready to completely commit.

Having now cleared the air, Jess said in a new video on the TOWIE website: "Me and Pete had a chat, finally, it was overdue. I''m glad it happened, I felt like it needed to happen.

"I felt bad for how I was at the vineyard, I didn't mean it, I was very much on the spot and just panicked. I didn't know I humiliated him because I think I was a bit drunk. it was all chatty chatty, and then I walked off, and I didn't think anything of it. And then I woke up and was like, 'Wow, I really shouldn't have done what I just did'."

Jess said she understands why Pete was "f**ked off" with the situation.

Jessica Wright tells Pete she wants to try and date, TOWIE
21 October


"I guess he's saying because he was a gentleman, I might have confused that as him really liking me, and I get where he's coming from," she continued. "I know it wasn't that, I know he likes me, he's said it on a few occasions.

"He thinks I'm a nice girl and he wants to take me out and I think I'm just making it hard work for him because I've been complacent and not great with the whole situation. But we're on better terms now and I've accepted the challenge of organising a date for me and him, so that should be interesting."

TOWIE airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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