TOWIE's Jessica Wright keeps hope alive of a Pete Wicks romance

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TOWIE's Jessica Wright has given fans hope of a romance between her and Pete Wicks, despite telling him in last night's episode that she didn't want to be in a relationship.

Jess and Pete went on a double date with Ferne McCann and Liam Blackwell to a vineyard, where Pete told Liam that he was unsure if he and Jess would develop any further.

Pete Wicks and Jess Wright on a date, 18 October 2015


Pete told Liam: "She's like a lady, she's got a lot of class about her and I think you have to respect that. She's not the sort of girl you dive into, do you know what I mean? It has got to the point where I think to myself, is there something ever going to happen or not. We'll see what happens."

After being joined by the girls, the conversation was still on Jess and Pete.

Ferne gushed: "You two are so in sync and you've rocked up like you're dressed to match. You look really well together."

Pete then gushed: "Well, she makes me look good."

TOWIE - Pete and Jess on vineyard date.
18 October 2015.


Pete and Jess... before coversation got "deep".

Putting his heart on the line after being questioned by Ferne, Pete said to Jess: "I've got a lot of respect for you, you know that. And I couldn't have been more respectful to you over the time that me and you have spent together, and regardless of what happens, I like you as a person, genuinely. I fancy the pants off her, yeah."

However, Jess appeared to reject Pete's declaration, telling him: "I feel like with us, we really get on, we have major chemistry no matter what... I just don't know if I want a relationship right now. I just feel like I'm not ready to completely commit."

As Pete looked slightly upset by her statement, Jess continued: "I think Pete's great, we get on so well, we have amazing chemistry and I can't even deny it but..."

Ferne interrupted, saying: "Jess holds back so much. Don't take it personally it's just the way she is. Forget how she is right now. She holds herself back, she's not going to sit here right now and lay her heart on the line."

TOWIE - Pete lays his heart on the line for Jess.
18 October 2015.


Jess was honest with Pete.

TOWIE - Pete lays his heart on the line for Jess.
18 October 2015.


But Pete looked a little upset by what he heard.

With his eyes appearing to get slightly red, Pete said: "She don't need to. It is what it is."

Jess added: "I just think we need some time on our own to see what happens. But I'm not in a rush to get in a relationship, I'm just not."

Breaking the tension, Ferne said: "How p***ed is everyone on a scale of one to 10? Because this conversation has just got very, very deep."

But, after the show, Jess said: "Just wait for next ep [smiley face emoji] I have a lot of time for this one @P_Wicks01 & stay tuned."

And, in Danielle Armstrong's Snapchat video, Jess explained: "I'm extremely sorry for my behaviour. I was very drunk, ignore what I said."

Is there hope for Jess and Pete?!

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