TOWIE's Vas blasts co-stars: 'None have an identity or brain of their own'

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TOWIE's Vas J Morgan has taken aim at Georgia Kousoulou and several other co-stars, saying they don't know the true meaning of friendship.

During Sunday night's episode, Vas commented on his co-stars while talking with Jake Hall and Lauren Pope.

TOWIE: Vas slams his co-stars to Jake and Lauren.
18 October 2015.



Vas said he was annoyed that people were pointing the finger at him by claiming he was the one who made comments about Jake and how he spent his summer following his split from Chloe Lewis.

Here's how the conversation developed:

Vas told Jake: "I've just been really annoyed by that whole little clique. None of them have got an identity or a brain of their own. Georgia, Tommy, Chloe, Kate, Michael, the whole of Essex basically saying, 'Well it came from Vas that you've been f**king around all summer'. Lockie actually said, may I point out, 'He's been rumping', and I said as a joke, 'Yeah he's been rumping everything that moves'.

Lauren interrupted: "Yes but Lockie is in that clique, so they will never go against him. They will never go against anyone that is in that group."

TOWIE: Vas slams his co-stars to Jake and Lauren.
18 October 2015.



Jake chimed in: "It's like me, I've known Georgia and Lydia for years and years and years, and the other day when I bumped into Mike, they were half sticking up for what his done, you know going up to Chloe and putting negative things in her head."

Vas continued: "They just sit and b*tch and biker, do you know what I mean?"

TOWIE: Jake Hall speaks to Vas and Lauren.
18 October 2015.



Lauren said: "Welcome to my world, like before..."

Vas added: "It's annoying. It's like a pack mentality. They're like a pack of wolves. They don't know the true meaning of the word friendship. Georgia's got a different girl by her side every time I see her. Like who are her friends? I don't know."

TOWIE airs every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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