EOTB finale: Rogan O'Connor gets busted for winking at Megan McKenna

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Ex On The Beach star Rogan O'Connor got named and shamed for winking at Megan McKenna, despite romancing Ali Drew, in last night's finale of the dating show.

MTV had teased that Rogan would land himself in hot water with Megan and Ali for Ex On The Beach's final episode, but it turns out he had purposely played out "winkgate" to stir up trouble.


Rogan O'Connor winks at Megan McKenna, EOTB finale
13 October


Soon after his arrival in the villa, Rogan couldn't resist causing drama for Megan and her onscreen beau Jordan Davies, deliberately going out of his way to charm the Essex beauty.

On their first date, Rogan managed to get Megan to do steamy body shots with him, later claiming she had kissed him while doing so to Jordan. Not surprisingly, Jordan wasn't too happy.

He told Megan she had disrespected him and was left nursing a broken heart, after Rogan then chose Megan to spend the night with him in the 'Love Room'. Ouch!

If that wasn't bad enough, he then kissed Megs during a game of truth or dare, and just as she and Jordan got their romance back on track, Rogan couldn't resist getting his flirt on once again.

For his last few days in the villa, the 26-year-old had been getting close to Ali and as the group sat down for their final dinner, Megan questioned if Rogan's feelings towards their co-star were real.

When Rogan asked why she would doubt him, Megan replied: "You've been winking at me all night."

Awkward, right?

It sure was, but taking it in his stride, Rogan told the camera: "Yeah, I got busted. I was well aware of the situation with Jordan and Megan… I just enjoy winding him up."

Rogan O'Connor and Ali Drew, EOTB finale
13 October


And wind Jordan up, he did!

Confronting the reality star, Jordan said: "Why are you winking at Megan, you've got something good with Ali, so why the f*** would you wink at Megan when you're trying to crack on with Ali?"

Not being able to help himself, Rogan replied: "Realistically you know that she wants to get with me... The wink is irrelevant, her intentions are clear."

Ali, meanwhile, didn't seem too phased. She told the camera: "Rogan said he winked at [Megan]. He knows it will cause a reaction between her and Jordan... At one point I even thought I saw [Jordan's] tail wagging."

Jordan's response? "Rogan has no loyalty to lads. He's a f****** sh*t stirrer."


Jordan Davies, EOTB finale
13 October


Megan McKenna, EOTB finale
13 October


Winkgate didn't cause too many problems for Rogan and Ali, however, with the pair officially becoming an item after filming for Ex On The Beach wrapped up.

Despite enjoying a month long romance, things between the pair didn't last, with Rogan exclusively telling Reveal things between himself and Ali simply "fizzled out".

He said: "We were exclusively together. We were boyfriend and girlfriend before we left the villa, like three days in. It was intense, we even went on holiday together to Majorca when we left.

"We went from 0 to 100 real quick. It was pretty intense, but we were seeing each other like once every three weeks. It took its toll. It just kind of fizzled out. It's a shame, I did like her."

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