TOWIE's Lewis Bloor on Michael Hassini: 'He's a liar and owes me an apology'

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TOWIE's Lewis Bloor has accused co-star Michael Hassini of being a "liar" and says that Michael owes him an apology.

On last night's episode, we heard Lewis telling Jake Hall that he'd worked with TOWIE newbie Mike in the past and he wasn't a fan, claiming Mike hooked up with an ex-girlfriend of his.

TOWIE episode aired 7 Oct 2015: Lewis Bloor


Lewis isn't happy with Michael.

He said: "I just heard things through the grapevine. I heard my ex-girlfriend, who I was with and I'd known since 12 years old – not Nicole – and this Michael was knocking about together. I rung him up and he said, 'Lew, I promise nothing happened.' Then six months ago I find out she went round his house and banged the geezer."

TOWIE episode to air 7 Oct 2015
Nicole Bass and Michael Hassini


Michael talking to Nicole last night.

Elaborating in a video posted to the TOWIE official website, he said: "This Michael did a wrong one to me two and a half years ago and he owes me an apology. He lied about something when there was no reason for him to lie.

"I said open book, I'm getting back with my ex-girlfriend and I want to know has anything happened between you two? He said, 'No, I promise you' so he lied and I'll call him out about it and ask if he he thinks what he did was right. If he says yeah, I'll say you're a slippery bastard. If he says no, I'll say apologise and we'll leave it there then."

We are predicting more fireworks between Lewis and Bloor in coming episodes... especially after Lewis' ex Nicole Bass (not the ex he spoke about above) joined the show in Marbella.

Lewis was back in Essex as he'd lost his passport so had to listen on the phone to claims Michael had his eye on Nicole.

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