Exclusive: TOWIE's Ferne McCann on Chloe Lewis: "She still thinks I fancy Jake"

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TOWIE star Ferne McCann has revealed there is *still* "animosity" between herself and Chloe Lewis.

TOWIE returned with its Marbella special on Sunday night (4 October) and fans watched as Ferne and Chloe majorly fell out. Chloe called Ferne out for telling her ex-beau Jake Hall she had been flirting with newcomer Michael Hassini, before then accusing her of fancying Jake and branding her "two-faced".

Now the girls are back home in Essex, Ferne exclusively told us things are still tense between the pair...

Ferne McCann at Specsavers' Spectacle Wearer of the Year held at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London
6 October

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Chloe Lewis, Marbella
23 September


Catching up with Ferne at Specsaver's Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards, she said: "There is animosity there, [Chloe] is still not 100 percent happy with me. She still thinks that I fancy Jake, right here, right now, I can assure you I don't fancy Jake."

And suggesting that wasn't all that was said, Ferne added: "She also said there's a reason that I don't have a boyfriend and I would never get a boyfriend. Just because you're a single girl, your status shouldn't define you.

"I'm not incapable of getting a boyfriend, it's just a ridiculous comment, and actually, if anything, I wouldn't settle. I've been single for seven months! Give me a chance, I've been enjoying it."

With TOWIE centring around romance between the cast, we asked Ferne if she feels pressure as a single girl to settle into a relationship for the show.

Her response? "I honestly feel zero pressure at all. I want to be single, it's a choice."

Chloe Lewis and Ferne McCann argue on TOWIE, 4 October 2015


Chloe and Ferne clashed over newcomer Michael.

Fans had hoped they would see love blossom for Ferne onscreen this time round, after pictures showed her and Michael looking pretty close out in Marbella.

During the opening special, viewers learned Michael had a brief history with Ferne, as the pair kissed not too long ago, but he soon made it clear he was interested in Chloe Lewis instead. So much so, that he branded his fling with Ferne as a "drunken mistake".

"We have been out. We had a few drunken kisses. I'm never going near her. She's not my type," he told Chloe. "We have all made drunken mistakes."

Not surprisingly, Ferne has now hit back at Michael, telling Reveal the pair actually kissed when they were sober.

She revealed: "We literally snogged in The Sugar Hut... If I was that much of a drunken mistake, he wouldn't have done it again two weeks later when we were sober on marathon day. And then ask to take me out. And then I pied him... So that 'drunken mistake' comment is a big mistake from Michael Hassini."

We've no doubt Ferne will be pulling him up for it on camera!

TOWIE: Michael and Chloe L talk


TOWIE: Michael and Chloe L talk


Despite playing down his kiss with Ferne to Chloe, suggesting he is interested in her instead, Michael has revealed he won't be making a move on Jake's ex-girlfriend.

Why? He thinks there is "unfinished business" between the former flames.

Speaking on All Back To Essex, Michael told Mark Wright: "Chloe is obviously a really nice girl. She's obviously really pretty, I don't think anyone would deny that. She has a lovely personality but I think there is unfinished business with Jake and a lot of baggage that comes there. I'm not here to tread on anyone's toes. Hopefully her and Jake can sort their personal stuff out."

And already finding somebody new to try his luck with instead, fans will watch as Michael sets his sight on Lewis Bloor's ex Nicole Bass in tonight's TOWIE episode.

Nicole and Lewis were together for eight months last year but split when Nicole started to question Lewis' behaviour. We wonder what he'll make of her new admirer?

ITVBe kicks off a MARBellous night with Life On Marbs at 9pm followed by TOWIE at 10pm.

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