Exclusive: Ferne McCann hits out at Michael Hassini for *that* drunken mistake comment

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TOWIE star Ferne McCann has hit out at Michael Hassini for *that* 'drunken mistake' comment, claiming the pair actually kissed when they were sober.

On Sunday (4 October) TOWIE returned with its Marbella special and fans learned Ferne had a slight history with new boy Michael. It came to light the pair had kissed in the past, but now turning his attentions to Chloe Lewis, when talking about Ferne to her, Michael quipped: "We all make drunken mistakes."

Ouch! Not surprisingly, Ferne wasn't too happy to hear what he had said, and when we caught up with the starlet at last night's Specsavers' Spectacle Wearer of the Year awards, she didn't hold back when it came to telling us what she thinks of Michael now.

Ferne McCann at Specsavers' Spectacle Wearer of the Year held at 8 Northumberland Avenue, London
6 October

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TOWIE's Michael Hassini arrives at Cavalli Club in Marbella - 25 September 2015.

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Calling out Michael for branding her a 'drunken mistake', Ferne revealed she and the 20-year-old had shared a smooch while stone cold sober.

"We had a little kiss about six months ago and he called me a 'drunken mistake'," she said. "I feel like the connotations for a drunken mistake are if you sleep with someone and regret it the next day – we didn't do that. We literally snogged in The Sugar Hut."

She then was quick to add: "And if I was that much of a drunken mistake, he wouldn't have done it again two weeks later when we were sober on marathon day. And then ask to take me out. And then I pied him. So that 'drunken mistake' comment is a big mistake from Michael Hassini."

Oh, Michael. To quote Big Bang Theory's Howard Wallowtiz: "Grab a napkin homie, you just got served."

"He also called me a sh*t-stirrer and a trouble-maker," Ferne continued. "So yeah, not a massive fan."

No doubt Ferne won't let it slide when she sees him, we wonder what Mike's response will be?

TOWIE: Ferne and Chloe Lewis row


TOWIE: Ferne and Chloe Lewis row


Ferne's comments come after viewers watched herself and Chloe Lewis come to blows.

Chloe was upset with Ferne for telling her ex-boyfriend Jake Hall that she was "flirting her a*se off" with Michael. She insisted she was just chatting with the newcomer in a group, alongside Kate Wright and Tommy Mallet (Jake's best friend).

"You know what Jake is like. I thought that was bang out of order," Chloe told Ferne. "For you to go to Jake and say I was flirting was a bit unnecessary. And you're liking Jake's pictures, just single pictures, on Instagram."

Ferne replied: "You think I fancy Jake? I can assure you I don't! This is ridiculous... If you're so bothered about me liking Jake's pictures, you are quite obviously liking Michael, having a little flirt."

Claiming it wasn't like that, Chloe hit back: "I think you like Michael and have a problem I was sitting at the table with him."

Chloe later then met Michael and recalled her conversation with Ferne back to him. He then said: "I don't know what her issue is. We have been out. We had a few drunken kisses. I'm never going near her. She's not my type."

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