Exclusive: Richard Blackwood: "I don't think anyone anticipated me playing a villain"

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Richard Blackwood has said playing EastEnders villain Vincent Hubbard is a "real challenge".

The actor and comedian made his debut on the soap in February and viewers have watched Vincent become Albert Square's newest villain.

Richard Blackwood at the Inside Soap Awards at DSTRKT, London - 6 October 2015.

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Speaking to Richard at the Inside Soap Awards 2015 sponsored by Dream Bingo, he tells Reveal: "I love playing Vincent. I know it sounds very cliche but I really love the fact that I play someone completely opposite from me. When I first came into the show, people expected me to do comedy, and also, being affiliated with Tameka Empson, they expected us to be a comedy couple.

"Me being a serious guy and playing a villain, and a new villain on the square, I don't think anyone anticipated that. It's a real challenge and I'm glad I took it."

Vincent came onto the square already having history with Ronnie Mitchell, and recently, viewers have seen Vincent and Ronnie rekindle their fling, with his wife Kim Fox unaware of his infidelity.

EastEnders, Ronnie and Vincent, Mon 4 May


Ronnie and Vincent

Richard says he and Samantha Womack (who plays Ronnie) often burst into a song in-between filming takes.

"In a short space of time we've become the best of friends," Richard tells us. "We're always singing in between takes. We'll sing a song and she'll do the high notes, while I do the low notes. She knows her music too."

But, what's next for Vincent?

"What I want to come now is coming, which is more layers. You'll see more of the sensitive and emotional side of Vincent and the root of his darkness, which is good for me as an actor because I had to dig deep and show a side that people have never been seen. I'm looking forward to the audience seeing that."

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