Exclusive: TOWIE: What happened between Ferne McCann and Chloe Lewis in Marbella?

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We heard there was some drama between TOWIE's Ferne McCann and Chloe Lewis in Marbella, but we didn't know what happened... until now!

TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong tells Reveal that things got all a bit "playground" between the two girls, and it all started over the arrival of new boy Michael Hassini.

TOWIE's Ferne Mccann heads out for dinner at Olivias La Cala - 23 September 2015.

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Ferne McCann.

TOWIE's Chloe Lewis filming in Marbella - 25 Sept 2015.

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Chloe Lewis.

"Ferne is a wind-up, and I think that's what people love or hate about her. I love it about her to be honest," Danielle began. "It all started when the new guy Michael arrived. We all had a bit to drink and we all got back to the hotel and Ferne jokingly said how Chloe took a bit of a liking to him.

"Then when we we were filming that night, Ferne said to Chloe, 'Ooh, you took a bit of a liking to him'. But it really got Chloe's back up."

Danielle says Chloe may have been annoyed about the comment because of her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jake Hall.

"I think it's because it's so complicated with her and Jake," Danielle continues. "Chloe didn't like it and she said to Ferne, 'Well, you fancy Jake and you liked one of his pictures on Instagram'. I think it got a bit school girl, playground sort of stuff."

Danielle says it's not like the girls will never talk again, but adds: "They haven't made up yet, they've just ignored each other."

The new series of TOWIE returns with The Only Way Is Marbs on Sunday 4 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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