Exclusive: TOWIE's Pete Wicks: "Verity is vile, she's after what she can get"

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TOWIE's Pete Wicks has called his co-star Verity Chapman "vile".

Pete and Verity were pretty flirty in the last series, but by the break from filming, they decided to just be friends. Now, however, Pete tells Reveal that they no longer speak.

TOWIE episode to air 15 July 2015
Verity approaches Danni - and a shocking revelation is revealed.


"With Verity, well, Danielle was right," Pete tells us. "She's not my cup of tea. V for vile."

Pete says he stopped speaking to Verity before his trip to Marbs, but adds: "She did turn up in Marbs with her fella. She wasn't invited, but she just turned up walking through the port one day and there she was. We didn't speak a couple of weeks before we went to Marbs anyway."

However, Pete says that deep down, he doesn't thinkVerity isn't all bad: "I thought she was a nice girl... I do think she's a nice girl deep down somewhere, but it's hidden behind a mask of vileness. We didn't really fall out but she's after what she can get I think."


TOWIE episode to air 22 July 2015: series finale
Verity and Pete talk


Verity isn't in Pete's good books...

Despite a flirty few weeks in the last series, the finale saw Pete storming off after he was quizzed by Verity on rumours he had been flirting with Jessica Wright.

Pete wasn't happy, particularly as he'd been Verity's biggest champion in Essex following her controversial arrival on the show, where she was accused of flirting with Danielle Armstrong's ex James 'Lockie' Lock.

In August, during the break from filming, Pete said he and Verity decided to just be friends, but now, it doesn't look like they'll be friends anytime soon.

The new series of TOWIE returns with The Only Way Is Marbs on Sunday 4 October at 10pm on ITVBe.

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