Lauren Goodger hits back at haters: 'I know I over-filtered photo!'

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Lauren Goodger has hit back at haters who accused her of over filtering a recent Instagram photo she posted to celebrate her birthday.

The former TOWIE star responded to her critics with a lengthy rant on Tuesday (29 September), the day after she shared an image of herself enjoying a candlelit birthday dinner in Paris.

Lauren Goodger has birthday dinner in Paris with boyfriend Jake McLean
28 September

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The picture that sparked the haters.

LG said: "I find it so strange that some of you need to hate on pictures of me or anyone else. Of course I know that I've over filtered my last post. I have on purpose for the look I wanted - it's not like there isn't that option on Insta for you to do?!

"This is Instagram. It's fun and light-hearted social media! You can also see normal pics of me (I put plenty up) and some that I will make more edgy for fun and if I want a picture to have a certain look or effect, I will do that. I'm not hurting anybody.

"I wonder if this was a picture of a building or a view and I had put loads filter on it that would get the same insecure comments? I don't normally do this but guys, you really got to get some self confidence and don't feel [the] need to be so hateful to me or anyone else's photos.

"I don't know how you have time. It doesn't make you any better of a person, just makes you show your ugly side! Anyway just thought I'd share this as makes me feel sad for some people! You know I don't listen or take in anything negative from anyone, that's not my personality so I will keep pouting. (that's why I keep pouting) lol."

Well said Lauren!

Lauren was whisked off to Paris at the weekend to celebrate her birthday by boyfriend Jake McLean, whom she reunited with earlier this year. They previously dated for two years until 2013.