Hannah Elizabeth is missing Love Island: "Take me back to the villa!"

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Hannah Elizabeth and our Love Island faves came over all nostalgic today, sharing their wish to go back into the Majorcan villa that shot them to stardom.

Love Island hasn't been on our screens for over a month now and while we thought we had a major bout of withdrawal symptons, it turns out the dating show's stars are missing it just as much, or even more, than we are.

Taking to Twitter today, Hannah reminisced about her time on the show, sharing a picture of herself and her now fiancé Jon Clark.

Alongside it, she tweeted: "I love this [pic] from @LoveIsland @jbclark_ when @jordanring1983 [Hulk's] ex came in take me back to the villlllaaaa."

In her photo, she and Jon can be seen fixated on the drama happening in front of them and their faces really did say it all.

Who can forget that cringe-worthy and mega awkward moment Jordan was confronted by his ex Jasmine? She arrived in the villa to confront him after he ended their romance and two weeks later appeared on her TV screen on a dating show.

She claims he "screwed her over" and dumped her by text, but on leaving the villa Jordan spoke to Reveal to set the record straight.

He explained: "We broke up and two days later she text me saying 'is there any chance of us getting back togther?' Because I said no over text, she's taken that as I finished with her by text which was absolute nonsense."

On being reminded of *that* encounter over Twitter, Jordan was quick to reply to Hannah's tweet. He joked: "Haha Don't!! I'm still having nightmares."

At the time of his ex's surprise arrival, Jordan had moved on and was dating his co-star Zoe Basia Brown. The pair had given their romance a shot following the show, but after just over a month, Zoe confirmed she and Jordan had split.

Jordan Ring is surprised by ex-girlfriend Jasmine on Love Island
6 July


Jordan was surprised by ex Jasmine.

Love Island's Zoe Basia Brown and Jordan Ring poolside in Love Island - 7 July 2015.

© ITV / Supplied by WENN

He and Zoe have since split.

Love Island winner Jess Hayes also couldn't resist commenting on Hannah's tweet, admitting she too misses her time in the villa.

And when Jordan suggested doing it all over again next year (pretty please!), Jess joked: "Yessss. [Maybe] I'll find this love time or [Maybe] just throw more hairspray cans. Haha x."

Jess' tantrums were just one of the reasons Love Island really did have us hooked. That and Omar Sultani and his "banter", Jon and his rainbow-inspired declarations of love for Hannah and us all getting an education in what being 'pied' really means.

'Fess up if 'pied' has now become a firm favourite in your daily vocabulary? Guilty.

Unfortunately for us, a second series is not yet set in stone but here's 10 reasons why Love Island definitely NEEDS to make a return...

Love Island co-stars kissing in the villa - July 2015.


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