Stevi Ritchie on Chloe-Jasmine: 'Anxiety made me mean towards her'

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Stevi Ritchie has apologised for being 'mean' to fiancee Chloe-Jasmine Whichello in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The couple left the house in fifth place last week, but they had their fair share of ups and downs on the show.

CBB Day 27: Chloe and Stevi

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Assuring fans that the pair are still getting married, Stevi tweeted: "Hi everyone, I'm back and many thanks to everyone for voting for me and Chloe, we are so proud and we are still getting married #Chlovi.

"I would just like to apologise to everyone for my meanness towards my beautiful wife to be Chloe, my anxiety got me but I love her so much xx."

During his time in the house, Stevi began to get "fed up" with Chloe's close friendship with Janice Dickinson and said he felt "second best" in their relationship.

Chloe herself had an emotional time as she tried to maintain her sobriety, and along with Stevi, the pair struggled with sexual frustration after deciding not to have sex in the house because they didn't want their families and friends to watch them getting intimate.

Stevi also suggested to Chloe that the pair should have a break from each other once they left the house. He asked her: "Do you think when we get out of here we should spend a couple of weeks with our loved ones, Chlo? A couple of weeks away from each other might be good."

Stevi says he and Chloe-Jasmine should go on a break - September 2015.

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Chloe's response: "I don't know darling you always say that."

But, during their exit interview, Stevi clarified his comments and told host Emma Willis: "I meant a break as in a spa….to see friends, family, my gorgeous daughter who I absolutely missed to my heart."

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