Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle admits: "I'd love a little Gary running around"

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Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle is completely smitten with girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg, so much so, that he is even talking marriage and babies.

He and model Lillie have been dating for almost a year now and after recently hinting his girlfriend could be 'The One', Gary has now admitted he would love for the pair to have babies in a few years.

Yup, Gary Beadle talking settling down. We'd never thought we'd see the day...

Gary Beadle shares update on Lillie Lexie Gregg romance, MTV
25 September


Known as Geordie Shore's resident lothario, viewers have watched Gaz charming the ladies and a handful of his co-stars (Charlotte Crosby, Vicky Pattison and Marnie Simpson) over the years. Now, though, the reality star has proven he is a one woman man and since getting together with Lillie, he hasn't looked back.

In a new video shared by MTV, Gary gives fans an update on his and Lillie's romance, proving things are definitely serious between the pair.

"Me and Lillie are still good," he said. "I'm happy with how things are now and what's going on. I'm not rushing into anything. I'm not even starting to think about kids or marriage or anything like that."

He says he isn't, but Gary has already said he can see himself and Lillie tying the knot. And he went on to reveal he would "love" to have a baby in the next few years. Sounds like someone has giving it some thought...

He added: "In a few years, I would love a little Gary running around... I've heard Garys are going extinct. We're going to have a little Gary junior, but not just yet. I can't be in Geordie Shore with a little kid running around. I'd need a babysitter ever night."

The Geordie lad has previously said it was love at first sight when he initially met Lillie, admitting he knew that she is going to be the girl he marries. And gushing about his other half, Gary doesn't think there is anyone better!

"With Lillie you could not get a better girlfriend, or mum, or wife material. She's a normal girl, she's down to earth, she's kind, she's good around people... she's just wicked. She ticks nearly every box."

Gary Beadle and girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg


Despite getting together with Lillie in October last year, viewers didn't meet her until Gary introduced her onscreen to his Geordie Shore co-stars in April.

Fans watched as Lillie and Gary's ex Charlotte finally came face-to-face. While many thought the pair wouldn't get on, thanks to Charlotte's history with Gaz, he insists Lillie is friends with all of the Geordie Shore girls.

He said Lillie even went out with Charlotte, once filming wrapped up for the show's next series that was filmed in Greece.

Fans were concerned things would have been awkward between the pair, after reports claimed Charlotte had said Gary had cheated on Lillie with her. At the time Gary denied such reports, and Lillie hit back at Char, insisting she trusts her beau implicity.

Now, Charlotte has said her words were misconstrued. Setting the record straight she told Reveal, Gary had got back with Charlotte, shortly after first meeting Lillie during series nine of Geordie Shore. At the time, things weren't official between them, so he continued to hook up with Char on the show.

"When Gary met [Lillie], he came on Geordie Shore and said that he thinks he had met someone that he liked," she told us. "They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend because he was coming back on the show.

"He met Lillie then got back with me a week later and we hooked up throughout the series. What I said was, he was seeing her then and they had introduced each other to their parents, but they weren't actually together. He wasn't cheating on her. They weren't official."

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