Nicola McLean's CBB blog: 'Trouble in paradise? I think Stevi is tiring of Chloe'

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Ahead of tonight's big finale, former housemate Nicola McLean blogs all the latest Celebrity Big Brother action exclusively for Reveal.

After the awful goings-on on Big Brother's Bit On The Side, my BFF Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Vicki Michelle have publicly given their side of events, which sounded like a real life nightmare.

All three of these ladies have given the same account of events.

I think Aisleyne has been the bigger person in saying she shouldn't have thrown her Cava at Farrah but in my opinion, throwing liquid versus throwing two glasses is not comparable. Liquid can dry, glass can cut......

CBB Day 27: Eamonn Holmes' housemate task

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Eamonn was in charge of the next task.

On to last night's show: I am a big fan of Eamonn Holmes so it was fantastic to see him enter the Celebrity Big Brother house to host a task, Brits versus Americans, which saw Eamonn asking each team a question about who said what?

Eamonn being the cheeky guy he is tried to joke with Chloe-Jasmine, making out she had said something mean to her "beloved" fiancé Stevi. She didn't take the joke well at all. She also didn't like finding out the odd pair were voted the least genuine housemates. Eamonn tried his hardest to explain why people might think this but Chloe was adamant it's not the case. I'm glad she cleared up crying with no tears, simply explaining, "My face is always wet." Hmmmmmmmm.

CBB Day 27: Eamonn Holmes' housemate task

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Chloe wasn't impressed by the task.

I think there is huge trouble in paradise with Stevi and Chloe. I feel that Stevi seems to be tiring of Chloe after spending so much time together, even telling her he wanted a week apart and was going to sleep with Bobby!!! Sitting on the sofas after Jenna and Janice lost their place in the house and the couple were saved, Chloe turned to Stevi and said, "You make me go all gooey." Stevi didn't take it very well, replying: "I think we all know that's a lie, babe." That's right Stevi, I agree! We all do know it's a lie!!!!

CBB Day 27: Chloe and Stevi

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Trouble in paradise?

CBB Day 27: James and Austin

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The bromance is back on!

Love that the bromance is back on between Austin and James. I loved watching them in last night's episode. After a few drinks to celebrate being saved, Austin become very amorous towards James and I laughed out loud a few times. Austin demanding they cuddled in bed was hilarious. James clearly really likes Austin a lot and although he said he wouldn't be sleeping with Austin, the episode ended with them sharing a lovely moment. Austin turned to James and said, "I love you like a brother" and kissed him on the shoulder. it was lovely.

Who wins? You decide! And I can't call it! I think they all deserve it for different reasons although we do love watching a journey in the house, and Austin's been on a major one....

CBB Series 16: Who should win?
Austin Armacost22.15%
Chloe-Jasmine and Stevi Ritchie7.52%
Bobby Davro7.85%
James Hill33.02%
Natasha Hamilton24.50%
Sherrie Hewson4.97%

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