Updated: Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan reveals Kyle Christie cheated in Zante

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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has revealed she walked in on her co-star boyfriend Kyle Christie kissing someone else while they were filming in Zante.

Ahead of the cast's trip to Greece, viewers finally saw Holly and Kyle make a go of their romance. Kyle had made the pair's relationship official, with Holly declaring at the end of show's tenth series she had "a boyfriend and was happy".

Fast forward another series, though, and the pair's romance has taken a huge U-turn. In recent episodes, viewers watched Kyle call of his romance with Holly, telling the starlet he is fed up of their constant arguing. And if that didn't cause enough drama, fans then saw Kyle kissing another girl in front of Holly. Not cool, Kyle. Not cool.

Kyle Christie enjoys single life on Geordie Shore, Season 11, Episode 5 - 16 November 2015


Kyle joined the boys for a guys' night out and relishing being single again, it wasn't long before he was 'tashing on' with another girl. Unluckily for him, though, Holly and the girls had decided to crash boys' night.

She walked right in or her ex-beau (of a matter of days!) locking lips with someone else, and ok technically Kyle wasn't cheating, but that doesn't mean he didn't break her heart. While she gave him a sarcastic wave to let him know she was watching, Holly turned to the girls and told them she might look like she's playing it cool, but she's definitely not holding it together inside.

She said: "My heart has been broken into a million pieces, but I can't show him that because then he'll know he's won."

Holly had warned us that we were going to see her get her heart broken, revealing back in September, before Geordie Shore's eleventh series hit screens, that Kyle kisses somebody else.

Revealing what pushed the pair to come to blows in Zante, Holly recalled her trouble with Kyle to MTV.

"One of my most memorable [moments from last series]," she said. "Was when I walked in and had to see Kyle kissing a girl." Ouch!

Holly Hagan talks about Kyle Christie split
21 September


Not surprisingly, that caused huge problems for the pair and ruined any chance of Holly and Kyle rekindling things while they were away. Confirming their split, Holly added at the time: "It has been reported that me and Kyle have split up and that is true."

"At the minute, we are very very happy with the situation, it's a mutual decision," she continued. "We went through a lot of bad, bad things in Zante. We possibly went through the hardest things that a relationship could go through and it nearly destroyed us."

Although, she did hint she would probably find herself in bed with Kyle again and didn't rule out a reunion. She said: "You never know in the future something might happen, but this show is a disaster for relationships.

"I do still love him and I'm more than sure that he feels the same. The reasons that we've split up are not because we don't love each other or fancy each other, it's just the simple fact that us being in that house... we rip each other apart. We're not very good as a couple in there."

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Macmillan Cancer Party, London
28 July

© WENN / Will Alexander

Holly's comments came after she admitted she would consider leaving Geordie Shore for the sake of her romance with Kyle.

"Being with Kyle, he's more important to me than the show is," she told The Daily Star. "If it came to that point where I had to choose him or the show, I would choose him every time."

Now, Holly has confirmed to us that she and Kyle are back together. After working through their issues, the couple have rekindled their romance, even it it has been "stressful".

"It' been so difficult for [Kyle and I] since we've got back from Zante, everything that we went through was really hard," she explained. "We've got a lot of people that have a lot to say about us (other cast members from the show), but we've just tried to keep ourselves to ourselves."

"Basically we are still together," Holly confirmed. "We've been trying to have a break every now and again from each other, just so when we do have to go and film together we don't have all this happen again."

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