CBB's Austin furious with house BFF James: 'You've been brainwashed!'

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Austin Armacost is furious with Celebrity Big Brother housemate James Hill for nominating him for eviction.

In a shock move, former Apprentice star James chose to put his house BFF up for the public vote after tiring of his behaviour lately, describing it as wrong.

James Hall and Austin Armacost argue over the way Austin speak to Janice. James asks Austin to think of Janice as his grandmother and whether he would want anyone treating her that way
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Explaining his choice, James said: "The way he goes off and how he is treating people is very hard for me because you know I have to make the right decision and, as much as I love him, you know he is wrong and how he is behaving is wrong, it makes it very hard for me because he is my best friend in here."

Housemates were also shocked, with Jenna Jameson saying it was the equivalent of the now-evicted Farrah Abraham, her house best friend, nominating her.

James insisted it was "very hard" for him to make that choice, but that doesn't calm Austin, who is furious with his friend. Despite Bobby Davro saying James probably chose Austin because he cares for him, Austin wasn't happy.

Austin told James: "You picked Jenna over Janice and now you have picked me over Janice, it just reiterates the fact that you have drank the Kool Aid and you are brainwashed…. How the f*ck is sending me home two days before the final going to change that?"

James explained: "This is why for the last five days I have tried to sit you down and tell you how you have been and how you're acting, I feared this day coming."

The guys were the best of friends at the start of the new CBB series but in the last few days things have unravelled, with James unhappy at Austin's behaviour in the house.

Most recently, after Austin laid into Janice Dickinson, James told him: "You are letting yourself down mate, you are embarrassing yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have a nice family back at home that are watching you, you should be embarrassed about how you're acting and how you're treating people."

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CBB's sixth eviction: who should go?
Janice Dickinson26.56%
Bobby Davro14.38%
Jenna Jameson29.42%
Austin Armacost29.64%