CBB: Austin becomes invisible, Farrah becomes a foot masseuse

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Austin Armacost has become invisible in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But don't panic! Before you worry he's found himself covered in some sort of Alex Mack-esque nuclear waste fluid giving him magical abilities, it's actually all part of the latest shopping task.

Every housemate had to enter the task room and open a box containing a surprise - some good, some bad. They then allocated the surprise to a specific housemate.

CBB Day 21: Austin is invisible

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Austin's surprise was invisibility, courtesy of James. He had to become invisible to fellow housemates, meaning they couldn't interact verbally or physically with him. Perhaps a canny move by James to allow Austin some time out after the recent rows with Chloe, Stevi, Bobby and Janice?

Elsewhere, Farrah became a house masseuse (courtesy of Chloe) and learns she has to order the entire shopping list! We don't envy her that task with a small budget and ten housemates to please!

Other surprises included Natasha being given pictures of her loved ones, Sherrie becoming Janice for the day, James getting power over the household, Bobby going on a date with Stevi (!!), Chloe being told she can't swear and must stay positive. Meanwhile, Stevi had to live on cold slop. Gross! And Janice had tweets from viewers read out to her.

We're not sure which 'surprise' we would want!

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CBB's fifth eviction: who should go?
Farrah Abraham37.10%
Austin Armacost8.84%
Sherrie Hewson7.25%
Jenna Jameson4.93%
Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine24.93%
James Hill4.93%
Bobby Davro5.65%
Natasha Hamilton2.32%
Janice Dickinson4.06%