Ex On The Beach: Kirk Norcross QUITS after Vicky Pattison rejection

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Kirk Norcross has left Ex On The Beach for good after having his heart broken by Vicky Pattison.

He didn't have it easy in the Ex On The Beach villa, thanks to being reunited with his former fiancée Cami Li, and after being reminded of their failed engagement and being rejected by his old flame Vicky, Kirk made the decision to head back to Essex and leave the dating show behind.

But not without shedding a few tears and pouring his heart out to Ibiza Weekender's Jordan Davies first.

Kirk Norcross leaves Ex On The Beach
15 September


During last night's episode, viewers watched as Ex On The Beach original Vicky finally made her return. She emerged out of the sea to surprise TOWIE star Kirk, after the pair enjoyed a brief fling following his split with Cami two years ago.

While most people aren't always best pleased to see a blast from the past, Kirk couldn't hide his happiness when Vicky strolled up towards him. Labelling her as the perfect ex, Kirk then confessed he still has feelings for the Judge Geordie star, before kissing her.

His true feelings came out when Kirk found himself being consoled by Vicky, after the Tablet of Terror upset him. Gathering the housemates for a task, the Tablet of Terror shared a photograph of Kirk and Cami the moment they got engaged, before then telling the villa they had to plan hen and stag parties for the exes.

Cami seemed to find the funny side of the task, telling her pals to rip up the photo before getting into the party mood. Kirk, meanwhile, was left upset, slamming the Tablet of Terror for being disrespectful towards the couple's relationship. Punching the wall in anger, he declared: "Did you not think that was real? Did you not think I planned that?"

Vicky soon got up to comfort the Essex boy, and while she calmed him down, Kirk told her he was so happy to see her come out from the water, dropping the L-bomb shortly after. The pair then shared a quick kiss, but Kirk was left heartbroken when he later saw Vicky kissing Bear instead.

Kirk Norcross and Jordan Davies on Ex On The Beach
15 September


Devastated that the Geordie was smooching someone else, Kirk couldn't hide his emotions and broke down while chatting with Jordan.

Explaining his feelings had been toyed with since the task, he said: "When the engagement thing kicked off... it f***** me... Do you not think I've sat with my best man and planned it all? The thing now that has got me down the most... Me and Vicky.

"She calmed me down and we had a kiss, and I said I f****** love her. She's the only girl in here I proper love. Now I just walked out here and she's kissing Bear. I just told her I loved her and I can't handle it no more. I really can't."

Unable to deal with his feeling of rejection, Kirk decided it would be better for him to leave. He told Jordan: "I haven't experienced this feeling that I'm feeling before. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met and this is killing me. I've got to go home, I can't deal with this."

With that, Kirk bid Mexico goodbye. We'll be sad to see him go, you?

Ex On The Beach continues next Tuesday 22 September at 10pm on MTV.

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