Ollie Locke on Made In Chelsea return: "I'm so glad to be home"

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Ollie Locke finally came back onto our screens in Made In Chelsea: LA and fans were delighted to see him back after two years.

No more teasers or countdowns were needed, as Monday night (14 September) saw Ollie catch up with his best friend Binky Felstead, who headed back to Chelsea after relationship woes with Josh 'JP' Patterson in Los Angeles.

Ollie Locke makes Made In Chelsea return - 14 September 2015.

© E4

Ever the great friend, Ollie was on hand to listen to Binky's recent heartbreak after JP told her he didn't want to be in a relationship.

Cue Ollie to make it all better. As Binky filled him in on the drama, Ollie listened so intently that we remembered another thing we very much missed about him - his facial expressions!

After finding out Binky slept with JP just days before he cooled off their potential romance, Ollie was on the phone to his former flame and Binky's BFF Gabriella Ellis (who now resides in LA) to give her the lowdown.

Ollie Locke makes Made In Chelsea return and is on the phone to Gabriella Ellis about Binky and JP - 14 September 2015.

© Twitter / @E4Chelsea

Ollie on the phone to Gabriella.

Things only escalated from there, as Gabriella told the girls and Louise Thompson was soon on the warpath determined to give JP a piece of her mind. JP was accused of 'stringing' Binky along and Alex Mytton claimed JP had been texting other girls while spending time with Binky in LA.

This didn't go down too well at all. But, JP insisted all was not as it seemed, telling a raging Louise: "There were a couple of girls, but the minute things got serious again, those conversations ended. When Binky and I have been committed I have not messaged anyone at all."

All this drama, and Ollie wasn't even at the centre of it!

Taking to Twitter after the show, Ollie said: "I love you all so much.. and series 10 is quite simply amazing!! Thank you for being so wonderful.. I'm so glad to be home Xx."

We've said it before but we'll say it again, good to have you back, Ollie! Roll on series 10...

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