Exclusive: Nikki Grahame slams CBB's Farrah Abraham: "She's pure poison"

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Speaking at the Reveal Online Fashion Awards sponsored by Surf, Big Brother veteran Nikki Grahame revealed she wants Farrah Abraham out, and even has a winner picked!

"Farrah is just pure poison, I can't stand her." Nikki told us, "She's no good for the house and I want her evicted."

Reveal Online Fashion Awards, London, Britain - 07 Sep 2015
Nikki Grahame

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Farrah ruffled feathers recently when she got into a huge row with Natasha Hamilton over food supplies, and was called into the Diary Room where she had a good old rant about life in the house, saying: "I am p*ssed off...I am sick and tired of being f*cking bothered by scummy a**ed f*cking negativity and I'm sick and tired of someone bring this f*cking negativity into my life."

"I'm going to f*cking win every goddamn challenge just to f*cking make the person who pisses me off f*cking cry."

CBB: Day 11 row between Farrah and Natasha escalates

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Farrah ranted in the Diary Room.

We asked Reveal readers for their opinion on Farrah's F word rant, and it seems you lot agree with Nikki! "She should have been removed. She should be ashamed, she's supposed to be a mum." said one reader, whilst another got a lot of support for their idea to: "Send in Katie Hopkins!"

But Farrah aside, Nikki has a few favourite housemates: "I'm loving Janice Dickinson, she makes great telly. Gail Porter comes across as the sweetest thing ever, and I want her to win the whole show.

"The friendship between Austin and James is the cutest thing. Even though he's from America, Austin seems like a true Yorkshireman when he's with James, I love the pair of them!"

Despite entering the house on three separate occasions, Nikki is content with simply watching all the drama unfold this time round. "I'm glad I'm not in the house this year, I'm enjoying watching it too much!" she told us.

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