Behind the scenes at The X Factor arena auditions: Andre Batchelor

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The new series of X Factor is well underway as Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora continue the search for the next biggest star.

Reveal went backstage at the arena auditions in Wembley and met some of the singing hopefuls. We've already introduced you to Sophie Plumb, so next up is 22-year-old Andre Batchelor.

X Factor hopeful Andre Batchelor at arena auditions - Wembley. July 2015.

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London based Andre, who currently works as an office assistant trainee, is hoping to put on a spectacular show for the judges.

"I'm really excited and nervous but I'm mixed about the whole thing," Andre tells us. "I appear confident but I'm really not. I'm really nervous right now."

Andre, who likes house, dance music and a "bit of soul" adds: "Although my song is upbeat, there's a part with vocals as well. I do move on stage too and do the Dre Shoulders. It's a move that I do that gets the body going!

"I've even got confetti as well! I hope they like it and I hope they get it. It could help me or not, but at least I can say I've tried."

It's been a difficult past month for Andre, having recently moved out of his family home, so he'd be over the moon to go to Boot Camp.

"Looking at the last month, what with leaving home and becoming homeless, a 'yes' from the judges would be really cool. I had a problem with my sister and my parents, which led me to leave home. I'm currently sofa surfing at a cousin's place and I'm looking for accommodation at the moment."

X Factor hopeful Andre Batchelor at arena auditions - Wembley. July 2015.

© ITV/Syco/Thames TV

Andre, who arrived at auditions alone, says: "I've told friends but I haven't told anyone that I'm coming here today. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. It's best to just do it, enjoy, live in the moment, drink it up, soak it up and Bob's your uncle!"

So, who does Andre want to impress the most?

"Uncle Simon because you know, he's mouthy! But with auntie Cheryl, auntie Rita and uncle Nick, I hope I impress them all."

Talking about his musical tastes, Andre adds: "I like Disclosure, Calvin Harris and David Guetta. I know they're DJs but they all have a unique selling point, and for me that's what this business is about. I'm all about being unique."

And, can Andre see himself winning the show?

"I'd like to do some TV and music work," he says. "I want a career in performing and entertaining. Winning the show would be a bonus. That would be like having Nando's chicken but then having extra Nando's chicken on top! I don't think you understand how awesome that would be! But I'm not thinking that far ahead right now."

X Factor continues on Saturday (5 September) at 8.15pm and Sunday (6 September) at 7.45pm on ITV.

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