CBB: Chloe-Jasmine cries over possibility of being split from Stevi

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Chloe-Jasmine Whichello has broken down in the Celebrity Big Brother house while thinking she may be split up from fiancé Stevi Ritchie.

The singer burst into tears when she revealed her fears at what may happen if CBB bosses decided to break up their pairing – or if Stevi walked out.

CBB: Chloe-Jasmine breaks down while thinking she could be split from Stevi

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Chloe says she entered with Stevi and wants to stay with him.

"I would crack," she said, while considering life in the house alone, before the tears started. "They wouldn't split us up," she said. "I signed up to do this thing with you."

Stevi comforted her by saying: "Anything could happen but it won't"

CBB: Chloe-Jasmine breaks down while thinking she could be split from Stevi

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Chloe broke down in tears.

The couple - who met on last year's X Factor and became engaged this summer - have entered the house as one housemate, so other housemates nominate them as a couple and when or if they are evicted, both will go together.

Ahead of entering the house, the pair had admitted the experience could make or break them.

Stevi said: "That is the thing. It is a chance and some risks are worth taking. It could make or break, who knows?"

Chloe Jasmine and Stevi Ritchie
Celebrity Big Brother launch show, 27 August 2015

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Chloe added: "It is very common for people to come out of reality TV shows and immediately be branded with the showmance stamp. That really upsets us because of the time we have invested in each other and we really do love each other so much.

"So although it is not our main aim, we still want people to see that we can function as a normal couple despite it being such a surreal situation - it's a game show! Obviously there are intimacy issues and things that we'd rather not share on camera. We are going to try to be as normal as possible."

She added: "I was really surprised when Stevi wanted to go in as a couple. He is literally the most important person in my life and love and adore him and it is a massive time in a relationship to go on TV. You have to be really sure in who you are as people and in the relationship. So for both of us to make that commitment is a big decision. We are really excited but really scared."

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