CBB: Farrah brands Natasha a "liar face" after row

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Celebrity Big Brother housemates Farrah Abraham and Natasha Hamilton have definitely got off to a rocky start.

On the first night in the house, things are tense between them, with Farrah accusing Natasha of being rude to her, and Natasha saying Farrah was a sore loser after Team USA lost the first task.

And it didn't stop there…

Celebrity Big Brother 2015
Farrah talks to Natasha

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Farrah called Natasha "liar face" on last night's show. Oh dear.

While Farrah was banned from the party alongside Daniel Baldwin and Fatman Scoop, she spoke about Natasha - or "the red head" as she called her – and claimed Natasha had it in for her from the start.

"It's a shame when you walk in the door she is so immature and has to go, 'Oh I watched you.' Then goes to our American teammates and is so dramatic. The red head. I don't know her name because I don't watch her like she watches me.

"She said it disrespectfully, like she hates me being a mum because I'm on Teen Mom. Life is hard when you're a mum and a teen at the same time and I'm sorry you watched it go down and weren't pleased. She wasn't complimentary."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015
Farrah talks to Natasha

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Later on, Natasha left the party to come see Farrah, Scoop and Daniel, where she told Farrah: "You're the one with the problem love, not me. No one likes a bitch, love..."

Farrah's response? "Don't act like a dumb one then! It must be a bad party if you're out here, sugar muffin."

"Seriously, you know what? You are actually showing your age and need to grow up," replied Natasha, prompting Farrah to reply: "You're right. I'm younger than you and thank God I'm more mature."

Then Scoop intervened to say he hadn't expected things to kick off for at least a day.

Natasha's answer? "It's always the bitch who kicks off... I came with peace and she's the one who is hating. I don't have time for that."

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