Celebrity Big Brother: who is Sherrie Hewson?

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CBB: Sherrie Hewson

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Who is Sherrie Hewson?

She's an actress who is known for a lengthy TV career that included roles in Coronation Street (Maureen Webster), Emmerdale (Lesley Meredith) and Crossroads (Virginia Raven), as well as appearances on Benidorm as Joyce Temple-Savage. These days, she is a panellist on Loose Women.

This week, she revealed on TV that she'd undergone a facelift operation. Her first attempt to have the op was cut short after a reaction to anesthetic forced doctors to cancel the procedure.

"I didn't want to look 20 years younger, I wanted to enhance the age I am," she says. "I'm so thrilled with the result. Having it has given me back my confidence and self-worth."

Why is she doing the show?

"Two reasons really. One is called Olly and one is called Molly, and they are my grandchildren. So I have to blame them if it all goes wrong. They are my grandchildren and they are my life, so it will be nice for them when I come out. One is four and one is eight so they might watch the launch but it might not be wise to watch all of it."

How will she describe herself to other housemates?

"I've had 45 years as an actress since I left drama school and I thank my lucky stars all the time. I went into a film with Richard Chamberlain, then Harrison Ford, then met Steve McQueen. I have been so lucky. My mother used to say, "You've done everything!" I've never appreciated it but I do reflect now and think I was very lucky. That brings me to the most wonderful show that I am in, Benidorm, and if this is it, then I am happy about that. I can't tell you how grateful I am that I've got that and I will always do Loose Women when I can and that brings us to Big Brother. So Benidorm is the love of my life and now this is the fear that I am facing – it's my bungee jump!"

Is she nervous?

"I am nervous about missing my grandchildren so much I might cry which I really don't what to do because I just think it is pathetic to see people cry on television. I don't want to do it but having said that I cry a lot so I probably will! I am nervous but I have done Loose Women for 14 years. I self-edit so you're aware of being truthful and honest and trying to understand people and not go for the jugular just because you can. If anybody does bring an argument and I see somebody being hurt then I will probably jump in. Only to save somebody!

"I am only intimidated if people are nasty or cruel. I won't get involved in people's arguments, it has got nothing to do with me, but if anyone is picking on anyone then I will go in. I have that steel right through me and if I see anything like that I just go straight in whether it is kids throwing stones at a duck or whether it is somebody else I will go in and battle and probably come out far worse than anyone else!"

What does she think of the USA v UK theme?

"It's funny, because we are different creatures I think. I think the Brits are gentler characters, they have a softness. Americans have more brashness because they are very forthright and they are determined to win. We say, "Well, I might be able to..." But what we don't have is the same sense of humour and that is where we are going to come unstuck. We have irony, which is sarcasm but a softer version. And they have a different humour and it will show and maybe cause trouble."

What bad habits will annoy her?

"People having relations in bed next to me will annoy me, only because it has been so long I can't remember how you do it! Disrespect would annoy me. We are all in one house and we don't know each other so everybody should clean and cook, and if that didn't happen I would say something. I am a little bit OCD on cleaning."

Who did she want in the house with him?

"Eamonn Holmes, because he is a great friend and I love him. I just saw him and I said to him, "It's such a shame you're not coming in because we could have slept together at last!"

And who would she hate to see?

"I would have said Katie Hopkins if she hadn't been in, because I would not have been able to control myself with that dreadful woman. She is just the most hideous person and I would have had to say, 'What are you?'"

Is she in it to win it?

"I don't think I'm going to win it is the phrase it would use. I am in it to observe it and how long I stay is up to the people out there and I will enjoy it however long I am there."

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