Celebrity Big Brother: who is Jenna Jameson?

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CBB: Jenna Jameson

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Who is Jenna Jameson?

She's known as the world's most famous adult movie star. Her career started as a stripper and glamour model before she moved into the pornography industry. She former her own internet porn company in 2000 and has released an autobiography called , How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale .

Why is she doing the show?

"I don't think I ever made the decision. I certainly love the UK and I love British men. I think as an American we are obsessed with British men. They have style, they are sexy, we love the accent, simple as that. But I do like the idea of competing and winning. I am a monster!

"As a kid I was captain of the debate team the volleyball team, everything I was, I had to crush it. So it is a bit of a challenge to see if they can give me a run. I doubt it!"

Does she watch the show?

"I am kind of embarrassed that I don't know a lot about the show and I did watch a few episodes of last season. I am a huge fan of Katie Hopkins. She is well versed and clever but I don't agree with her views a lot of the time because she is really brash. But she played a really good game and I liked it. I'm not amazed Katie Price won because it's a popularity vote, but please let my popularity vote come through. And I love Katie Price, I think she is so hot."

Will she voice her opinion?

"Yes, I'm right wing, a Republican. I know that is a bit of a dichotomy, but yes, I am an ex-porn star and a Republican! I think [voicing my opinion] is one of my downfalls. I am not really able to hold my tongue. I say it like it is and it gets me in trouble, especially on TV. I just say it like it is and people can take me or leave me. I might be flawed but to me flaws are kind of beautiful."

Is she nervous about the show?

"The thing that makes me nervous is the unknown and there is a huge element of the unknown with this show. I have no idea who I am going in with or the personalities I have to deal with. But that is what is beautiful about the show. I am just doing it. I'm one of those girls who is head first every time!"

What does she like about Britain?

"I love the culture. I love that everywhere you go it is just a departure. I am a desert girl from Vegas and this is a totally different scenery change. Plus I think that everybody has such better style here. I'm just saying. No offence to the States! I love it here and I have a lot of good friends. Everyone is like, America, home of the brave and the land of the free' "but I am much more accepted here. Maybe we are becoming a little more biblical. You would think that America would be so open of sexuality and accepting of everything. Over here I am a superstar and it is totally different so I love it and I love the free mind."

Does she have any bad habits?

"I'm sure there are a bunch of things. I am a crazy sleeper and I elbow and headlock in my sleep!"

What would it mean to win?

"It's so weird because I always go into everything knowing I am going to win. Everything I have ever done in my life, I just make it happen. [If I don't win] it will really bother me! This isn't about making friends, I am going there with a game plan."

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