Desi Rascals preview: Jasmin Walia gets second thoughts & upsets co-stars

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Jasmin Walia frustrates her co-stars after she gets second thoughts about applying for a Bollywood acting course in tonight's episode of Desi Rascals.

In recent episodes. viewers have watched Jasmin toy with the idea of heading to Mumbai to complete a Bollywood course. While she initially thought the course was too good an opportunity to miss out on, it concerned her it was based in Mumbai as that would have altercations for her romance with Ross Worswick.

In the end, she decided not to apply, but after helping her co-star Jo Shah with her audition tape, it isn't long before she begins to question her decision.

Desi Rascals preview: Jasmin has second thoughts about Bollywood audition
26 August

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Getting emotional, Jasmin tells Jo, Rita and Shreena: "I feel like I'm getting second thoughts… in the back of my head I'm like, have I made the right decision, should I just apply?"

When asked by Rita if she is worried at the thought of leaving Ross behind for three months to complete the course in Mumbai, she replies: "You know when you feel like you could be making the wrong decision because you could be losing another opportunity? I feel that is the majority of it... I'm really sorry babe, this is not even about me."

Not expecting to deal with a tearful Jasmin before filming her audition tape, Jo admits Jasmin's breakdown did throw her.

"You know when you see someone upset and it's not nice, so you're like trying to think of like advice for her, but then I was like hold on I'm here for me to do my stuff."

Her pals are quick to tell her she dealt with the situation extremely well, before slamming Jasmin for her behaviour, insisting if the shoe was on the other foot they would not have voiced their thoughts.

Jasmin's second thoughts come after she pulled her application after admitting to Ross she had applied for the course behind his back.

Jasmin and boyfriend Ross talk about her Bollywood dream - 19 August 2015.

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Jasmin and boyfriend Ross talk about her Bollywood dream - 19 August 2015.

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On hearing what she had done, Ross told Jasmin he felt betrayed that she never mentioned it to him and it's a "big kick in the teeth".

He added: "You're not only applying, you're applying with a hope to get through, so basically you're hoping that you're going to go to the other side of the world... End of the day say if you go to Mumbai, then if you are, then what's going to happen with our relationship?"

Seeing his reaction, the starlet told her beau she wouldn't go through with the application, but will her doubts now change her mind?

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