Exclusive: The Life On Marbs cast reveal what it's like to see yourself on TV

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The Life On Marbs cast reveal what it's really like to have your life played out on screen...

If you've ever heard the sound of your own voice on a home video recording and immediately cringed, imagine suddenly seeing yourself broadcast to the nation?

We asked a few members of the new glitzy reality show, Life On Marbs, what it's really like to suddenly see yourself on TV, and it turns out there are a whole range of emotions.

Life On Marbs, cast shot, Wed 22 Jul


Lauren Vyner, who works at the Marbs gossip and beauty mecca, Golden Tarts salon, reacted the same way a lot of us probably would: "I had so much adrenaline going through me, I was running round the garden screaming afterwards!"

Magazine sales girl Jordan Sargeant was also slightly on edge: "I was so nervous, we were all watching it together and whenever someone would come on screen everyone was screaming and taking the p**s. It was a really weird experience."

Meanwhile, 19-year-old journalist Alex Weaver managed to surprise herself, confessing: "I'd completely forgotten what I'd said! I hate the sound of my own voice when I watch it back."

Life On Marbs cast at Danni's pool party - 22 July 2015.


Danni's pool party in the first episode of Life On Marbs.

Lina Hodgkins aka 'Mummy Marbella' made a new discovery when she heard herself: "It was quite surreal, I sounded exactly like Janet Street Porter!"

And seeing yourself in HD glory means "you're overly critical of yourself", added Suzy White, who hilariously lost all self control in episode one, sneaking drinks on the sly whenever party planner and boss Lina turned her back!

Unlike the rest of the cast, fellow Golden Tarts employee and huge gossip Maxwell Jameson had none of these concerns and just enjoyed the ride, telling us: "I thought it was a really funny show, I was just laughing my head off most of the time!"

For the rest of Marbella's residents who didn't have to endure the roller-coaster of appearing on-screen, seeing their home in HD has gone down very well.

Life On Marbs: Lina Hodgkins arrives to work - 22 July 2015.


Lina in Life On Marbs.

Lina revealed the cast are already being recognised, telling us: "The reaction in Marbella has been really good, we went to Ocean Spray on Sunday and had people coming up asking for our pictures, it was weird!

"Some people in Marbella disliked it, I think mainly because they weren't in the show! But in general most people have loved it and thought it was really funny."

The cast are also receiving a lot of love from the TOWIE crew, who they have gotten to know through the Marbs social scene during those The Only Way Is Marbs jaunts.

We're already hoping for a joint episode...

Life On Marbs airs Wednesday at 9pm on ITVBe.

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