Lucy Mecklenburgh shares thoughts on 'bodyshaming' debate

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Lucy Mecklenburgh has said she's proud of her body and it's the result of sheer hard work and determination.

The former TOWIE star is more known for her fitness empire these days than her TV beginnings. She's built Results With Lucy up to be a powerful online fitness and nutrition brand and has completely overhauled her lifestyle since leaving the how.

This month, she poses naked in the new issue of Women's Health Magazine alongside the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Jodie Kidd. And in a lengthy post to Instagram, the star gave her thoughts on body image and health, saying she wants to pass on what she's learned about nutrition and exercise to others.

Lucy wrote: "It's been a massive year in the debate on Body Shaming, notably almost all of it happening about women, by women. I think it's an important debate, which unfortunately often gets dragged into slanging matches "for or against" really quickly.

"If we just stay with the statistics for a moment. It is without any doubt that people (that's men and women) are "healthier" when their body fat percentage is within a certain range (and before you start. Yes there are exceptions to every rule, healthy "overweight" people do exist, as do unhealthy "skinny's") but the stats remain.

"Nobody should ever be shamed for where they are today. We are all on our own journey. But if the stats "prove", that by losing some fat, eating whole real foods and drinking non sugary drinks, and working out, we are more likely to: live longer, happier, healthier lives, have more energy, better skin and a whole host of benefits every single day of our lives, then surely that's got to be the preferred option. Rather than increased risk of serious diseases such as: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc.

"I'm super proud of my body, it's not achieved by not eating (as some like to accuse) I eat really well every day. It's achieved by hard graft, working out for a tiny percentage of the day 3-5 times a week.

"I am now totally aware of the concept of nourishing my body in order to be able to live the life that I choose, and having learned this little gem of priceless information, I'm going to shout about it and try to convince as many girls as possible that it's just as available to them as it is to me.

"You've just got to want it!!!! Shoot in this month's #WomensHealthUK."

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