Millie Mackintosh embraces the fake freckles beauty trend

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Millie Mackintosh has embraced the fake freckles beauty trend, and it's the ultimate cheat for a natural look.

Freckles often divide opinion, some of us born with them are forever trying to cover them up, whilst everyone else gets all excited when the sun brings out a smattering of dots!

Now freckles are so desirable there's a trend for faking the dots for a summery, more youthful look. And it's way cheaper and healthier than a fortnight of sun worshipping.

Millie Mackintosh shows a behind the scenes snap of her makeup, 31st August 2015

© Instagram / @camillamackintosh

Former Made In Chelsea star Millie showed us exactly why this trend has taken off when she shared a behind the scenes snap from her clothing line shoot. Her subtle freckles are the clever work of a make-up artist, making Millie looked perfectly sun-kissed. She's always impressing us with her beauty looks!

The best thing about faux freckles is they help create a youthful, cute image without having to shun make-up altogether. So unlike most bare skin looks you can actually apply a base beforehand. What a relief!

This beauty addition doesn't require expert skill, you can create your own freckles simply using a light brown eye-brow pencil, or if you're a big fan of the trend then pick up Topshop's freckle pencil which is specially designed for the job.

The Topshop formula is long-wearing and waxy, so you won't end up with your supposedly natural freckles smudged across your face! Always a slight giveaway...

Topshop freckle pencil, July 2015

© Topshop

When it comes to application, carefully drawing on a row of neat, uniform dots isn't the way to go. Instead create a scattered pattern across the bridge of your nose and onto the cheeks, ensuring some of the 'freckles' overlap for a natural look.

Tap or blot after application for a natural-looking finish, and fix with translucent powder or fixing spray for a long-lasting finish.

Follow in Millie's footsteps and make sure the rest of your make-up complements the bare skin look. This isn't the time for a bold red lip or dramatic cat-eye!

Are you tempted by the faux freckle trend? We're totally swayed! And fingers crossed Millie spills a load more make-up secrets in her new book...

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