Jessica Wright teases 'Sparkling Stilettos' plot - we're so excited!

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Jessica Wright has revealed the blurb of her new novel 'Sparkling Stilettos' and it sounds like a very exciting read!

Jess revealed the pink sparkly back cover today (22 July) and once we'd stopped admiring the gorgeous pic of the author (ooh!) herself, it was finally time to find out the plot.

Jess Wright reveals the cover of her first novel 'Sparkling Stilettos', 22nd May 2015

© Twitter / @MissJessWright_

In an nutshell 'Sparkling Stilettos' revolves around Megan Winter, a high flying shoe designer who's engaged to the very exotic sounding Dylan Dunkin-Buckshaw. Sounds ideal, right?

Well, the story would be a short one if that was the case. Megan starts galavanting on adventures (in stilettos, obvs) with the help of a "handsome stranger", so it sounds like the mystery man might just cause Megan to reassess what she really wants.

Sounds even more dramatic than an entire series of TOWIE which is saying something!

Jessica Wright seen leaving itv Studios in London,
21 July 2015


The full blurb explains a bit more: "As Megan Winter's wedding day approaches, her heart flutters with excitement. Dylan Dunkin-Buckshaw is a great catch. Handsome in a sharp, confident kind of way, he's everything she's ever wanted in a man and a husband. A match made in heaven - right?"

"With a fledging shoe design business that's set to take off, Megan decides to take control of her life and strut her stuff."

"With the help of her loyal friends and a handsome stranger she begins to turn heads and get noticed. She's hitched her wagon to the stars and and she's planning on enjoying the ride, wearing her best stilettos whilst she does it!"

"But will she reach those glittering stars? Is there something lurking in the shadows to hold her back? Under all the excitement and sparkle of her new found adventures there seems to be an ominous presence trying to take the shine from her happiness."

Jessica Wright reveals the back cover of her book 'Sparkling Stilettos', 22nd July 2015

© Instagram / @jesswright77

Sparkling Stilettos is released 23 July.

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