One Direction fans celebrate Niall Appreciation Day (and dismiss 'pipe' headlines)

Published Tuesday, Jul 21 2015, 11:42 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
One Direction fans have been celebrating Niall Appreciation Day – and ignoring reports in several newspapers suggesting the singer has been caught up in controversy.

The front page of today's Daily Mirror screamed, "1D new drug storm" while a story inside The Sun carried the headline: "Bieber, 1D Niall and the drug kit."

That's all because a photo has emerged of Niall, Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson hanging out together with a yellow object seen on the table in front of them. Newspapers are claiming the yellow object can be used to smoke weed. But as Niall, Justin and Cody are not touching the object or using it, there's nothing to suggest any of them actually did anything wrong.

And fans were quick to point that out via Twitter. Comments included:

"This literally gives no evidence Niall or Justin was involved with the pipe, your article isn't really needed (@yvesnirry)."

"If I see 1 more headline about Niall Horan & this "pipe" seriously it was on the table not in his mouth!! #gofindrealnews (@MissGillyL)."

"A so called pipe on a table and its assumed Justin, Cody, or Niall used it? f**k off. (@cardonaivando)."

Loyal Directioners have been ignoring the reports and instead lavishing Niall with attention on his Appreciation Day. Cue loads of gushing tweets about the cute Irish singer and how much success he's had!

Ah we agree! :)