Love Island's Naomi Ball flirts with Max Morley's younger brother?

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Love Island champ Max Morley has claimed his former flame Naomi Ball is now setting her sights on his younger brother.

Talk about keeping it in the family, eh!

Following Love Island's final earlier this week, the 22-year-old cricketer revealed Naomi has the hots for his baby brother. But confident nothing will come of her Twitter flirting, he has insisted: "If [my brother has] half a brain cell, he won't go for her!"

Naomi Ball attends In The Style's summer party, London
16 July

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During his stay on Love Island, Max famously ditched now girlfriend Jess Hayes (who he initially coupled up with) for Naomi (meaning that was the second time Naomi had stolen Jess' man). Their romance was short-lived, however, as she was soon voted out of the villa by the public.

And while Naomi had been pretty keen to rekindle things with Max on the outside, Max soon realised he had made a mistake dumping Jess and pulled out all the stops to rekindle the pair's romance.

Despite Jess having her reservations at first, she and Max went on to officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, with the pair later winning Love Island.

Now, the couple are out of the villa and looking forward to their future together, Max has said he has no intention of getting back in touch with ex Naomi, after it was revealed she had been playing himself and Josh Ritchie off of one another during her time on the show.

"I have no interest in talking to her," Max told The Sun. "But she actually tried to get in contact with my little brother. She put loads of smiley and winkie faces on a Twitter pic of him."

A friend of Max's brother, Jake, had tweeted Naomi with a picture of him, telling the starlet: "Max might of sacked you off but the better looking brother is more than happy to oblige #JAKE."

Naomi Ball tweets about Max Morley's brother
15 July

© Twitter / @naomi_ball

Suggesting she was interested Naomi responded with a string of emojis, but something tells us the Chelsea girl was only messing.

After all, cracking on with your former flame's brother is slightly awkward, no?!

Throughout her time on the show, Naomi fell out of favour with the public, after showing an interest in both Max and Josh.

The blonde beauty had been officially coupled up with Josh, but that didn't stop her setting her sights on Max, leading her and Josh to eventually end their romance. Then turning her attentions to Max instead, Naomi couldn't quite shrug off her feelings for her former beau and was accused of leading both boys on.

Max Morley tells Jessica Hayes he wants to rekindle romance, Love Island
6 July


On her exit, Naomi told Reveal she would bet all her money Max and Jess would give things another go. But while she predicted it would be Jess seeking after Max, it was actually the other way round.

Viewers watched as Max decided he had made a mistake leaving Jess so early on. And even though she had hoped for a reunion with Max after the show, on watching the pair decide to give things another go, Naomi insisted she had "no hard feelings" towards them.

Following Max and Jess' win, she even tweeted: "What a final and what a SHOW! Congrats to Max & Jess - I wish them all the best and I really do mean that. Now go out and celebrate!!!"

But despite her support, we get a feeling the winning couple still aren't her biggest fans...

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