TOWIE's Pete Wicks on Verity Chapman: 'It's quite difficult right now'

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TOWIE's Pete Wicks has admitted the situation with Verity Chapman is "quite difficult" right now because of other people's hostility towards her.

Verity made her debut on the show last week and immediately ruffled feathers among the girls thanks to rumours of flirting with Lockie, kissing Pete and snogging Jake in the past.

On last night's episode, we saw Verity attempt to clear the air with Lockie's ex-girlfriend Danni but it didn't go to plan as Danielle refused to accept her apology.

TOWIE episode 15 July 2015
Pete Wicks


Pete on last night's episode.

Later that night, Verity chose to skip the Gay Pride Party because of the negativity towards her, which left Pete – who she has been seeing – in a difficult spot.

He told the official website: "It's quite difficult mainly because everyone seems to hate her. I see a different side to her than other people do. I don't think she's really showing her true self to other people yet and I don't know if people will give her an opportunity to that.

"And if they don't, I don't know where that leaves me. I have a lot of good friends around here and if they don't get on with someone I'm speaking to the I don't really know what the f**k I'm supposed to do, to be honest with you."

TOWIE episode to air 15 July 2015
Verity approaches Danni - and a shocking revelation is revealed.


Pete gave Verity moral support as she tried to apologise to Danni.

Pete went on to say that he didn't want to be dragged into the drama but it was inevitable if he keeps hanging around with Verity as "people automatically assume you're a pair."

He said: "She's getting a lot of s**t at the minute which I don't necessarily think is all fair. I don't think she's handled herself particularly well in certain situations but I don't think she deserves the crap that comes with it. But in the same respect, I can see other people's points of view so I feel like I'm caught in the middle."

Pete said the next step for Verity would be to keep building bridges with co-stars and showing people her true colours, but he admitted that if he's wrong about Verity being a genuine, good person, then he will hold his hands up.

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