Life On Marbs star Danni Levy: "I find wealthy men arrogant"

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Life On Marbs star Danni Levy isn't tempted to date wealthy men because she tends to find them "arrogant".

Danni is a fitness trainer and has helped to get a lot of celebrities into shape, but she can't list her clients because "a lot of them are my friends".

Life On Marbs cast member Danni Levy.
July 2015.

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The 31-year-old is preparing to make her TV debut next week for ITVBe's new reality series, which is focused on the lives of the fabulous residents in Marbella.

Danni is currently loved up with her boyfriend Jake, but he will not star in the show. Speaking about the wealth of some of her co-stars, Danni said: "To me money is not that important. Obviously we would all like more so we can buy a Ferrari or a mansion but I have never been attracted to wealthy men because I tend to find them arrogant.

"But it makes the place nicer because let's face it, if there wasn't the money here to be spend then we wouldn't be able to come and enjoy these nice places because we'd be in Southend on Sea. Their cash injection does enhance the area."

Saying that, Danni doesn't class herself as wealthy. Her dad, Robin, is a millionaire who builds multi-millionaire pound properties and develops nightclubs and restaurants.

Life On Marbs cast photo.
July 2015.

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"I've been through some really tough times financially but I haven't asked my dad for help because I want to do it on my own." Danni said. "I've never had a penny from them. I don't want to be portrayed as the rich kid or the daddy's girl. I've got this huge thing going on about self-respect, I don't want to take money from anyone, I want to do it myself. I don't think my dad even wants to help me because he wants me to stand on my own two feet."

One thing Danni has spent her money on is breast enlargements. "The only money I really spend is on boob jobs, I've had four," she revealed. "I had one while I was on the show and now I want a fifth. I've been told that I am heading for a Katie Price and will end up with no boobs left."

So why should viewers tune into the brand new series?

"People should watch the show because they will get to see my arse and boobs loads! I don't like wearing clothes - I'm always in a bikini! This is totally new, you're not going to know what's coming round the corner."

Sounds like it's one not to miss!

Life On Marbs starts Wednesday 22 July at 9pm on ITVBe.

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