What does The Little Rascals' Alfalfa look like now?

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Move over Harvey Kinkle, today is all about what happened to The Little Rascals child star Alfalfa!

You remember the movie? The He-Man Womun Haters Club. The go-kart rally. The ridiculously adorable little kids playing grown up?!

THE LITTLE RASCALS, U.S. poster, clockwise from top left: Kevin Jamal Woods, Bug Hall, Brittany Ashton-Holmes, Petey the dog, Blake McIver Ewing, Zachary Mabry, Ross Elliot Bagley, Blake Jeremy Collins, Travis Tedford, Sam Saletta, 1994. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

© Rex Features / Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection

Actor Bug Hall as Alfalfa in the centre.

Alfalfa was the main character, the smartly dressed kid with the unruly lock of hair who was utterly besotted by mega cute Darla…

Well, he's all grown up now! Which isn't surprising considering the movie was released in 1994!

Actor Bug Hall is on Twitter – and we love his bio: "Still a rascal… just bigger."

His grown up self has been in the headlines this week thanks to a Buzzfeed article saying he'd grown up to be "one hell of a lumbersexual"… which, according to Urban Dictionary, means: "A metro-sexual who has the need to hold on to some outdoor based rugged-ness."

Hey, you learn something new every day!

He is really rather dishy, isn't he?!

Since his child star days, he's continued to work in TV and movies appearing in the likes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Criminal Minds and the film Get A Clue alongside Lindsay Lohan.

He's also a rather good singer too (as we knew from Little Rascals...) Take a trip down memory lane and listen to him singing 'You Are So Beautiful' below!