TOWIE's Vas J Morgan questions friendship with Chloe Sims?

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TOWIE's Vas J Morgan has questioned his friendship with Chloe Sims after she advised co-star Bobby Norris not to hang around him.

Following Bobby's fallout with best friend Gemma at the pool party, Vas and BFF Lauren Pope - who have also fallen out with the GC - invited Bobby to a game of tennis in last night's episode.

TOWIE's Chloe Sims warns Bobby Norris not to hang around with Vas and Lauren - 8 July 2015.


Chloe Sims told Bobby that Vas would 'forget about him' once he is in LA.

Bobby was later seen telling Chloe that he enjoyed hanging out with Vas and Lauren because he was "treated like an equal", but Chloe advised him to stay clear.

Chloe told Bobby: "I know Vas and Lauren very, very well, and if you think they're going to take you under their wing, you're very much mistaken. Vas will be off in LA soon, he'll forget all about you, and Lauren will be off doing her own thing.

"No disrespect to them, but that's the case. And where does that leave you? Because Gemma's your best mate."

TOWIE episode to air 8 July 2015: Vas and Lauren


Vas and BFF Lauren

Chloe has been vocal about Bobby and Gemma's rift, and although not naming anyone specifically, she did say she thought Gemma was "bullied" during the argument with Vas and Lauren.

Chloe is no longer friends with former best pal Lauren following a previous rift, but she is still friends with blogger Vas.

However last night, a fan tweeted Vas about Chloe's comments, saying: "I thought you and Chloe S are friends @VasJMorgan love you on the show for having @LaurenPope back #truefriends."

Vas responded: "So did I... Cearly I was mistaken... You live and learn."

Without naming names, Vas also called some of his co-stars "a pack of Mean Girls", and after Chloe's comments, he tweeted: "The jealousy tonight is real."

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